Hi and welcome, I’m starting this blog to write about my sims and their adventures. This post is a preview of what I hope to acheive and what will direct my stories.

When I play sims, I like to play legacy style, however, I get bored and around gen 5 I tend to just give up and feel like I’m doing the same old thing with my sims everyday. This is an attempt to end that habit and finally acheive a 10 generation goal. To make it harder, and maybe more interesting for myself and hopefully for the readers I want to combine some elements of other interesting challenges I’ve read about while browsing around sim sites.

First and foremost, Pinstars Legacy Challenge which has dominated my playstyle since Sims 2 was a nooboo. I then discovered the BuildNewcrest challenge on Simply Vanilla Sims Blog, I had a tried a build Sunset Valley challenge at some point, so this seemed interesting and fits nicely with the legacy style play. Thirdly, I just read about the Rosebud challenge that will also combine, maybe Not so nicely, but it will put a rein on my getting bored because my sims have a huge mansion in Gen 2 and they don’t need anything new apart from the next generation.. This one means saving money, only building to give them the essentials needed for each generation and not having so many kids I feel like the old woman in the shoe.

My plans for using the challenges together

Overall, play according to Pinstar’s Rules however, my start up will be a little different, using the a combination of the Rosebud Rules and Build Newcrest rules.

My founder will be moving to an empty lot in Newcrest that he deems a suitable location for Newcrest’s new community park, he will then be forced into buying the suit of armor and an outdoor trashcan, following this he will be ruthlessly pickpocketed by the almighty creator and all his remining funds will disappear into the sim ether and he will have to fend forage for himself.

To make matters worse, he will not be permitted to find paid employment until he has $500 in his back pocket again, to pay the employment agencies fees. His choice of work is also restricted by the BN rules to  a choice of 3 careers

  • Criminal (Oracle branch)
  • Culinary (Chef branch)
  • Painter (Patron of the Arts)

He’ll be a lonley young (adult) soul too until he can at least provide and enclosed room (preferably) with a door for his spouse to live in with him, of course, he will also have to own the general nicities of life.. those (not so) little essentials.. a bathroom with at least a toilet and shower and a fridge.

My own deviations to suit my own challenge.

From Build Newcrest – once the founder has completed his first aspiration AND has enough funds the garden will be built.The family is the towns benevelolent benefactor so all houses and community lots that should be built MUST be built using household funds, therefore making the Rosebud challenge far harder to achieve (and curb my sim spending (spoiling)

From Pinstars Legacy – Each generation that has a community building goal will have to move to a new lot so their career rewards can remain on the lot.

Spouses may not work, unless their Aspiration is a job based one.

  • Public Enemy Aspiration
  • Master Chef Aspiration
  • Master Mixologist Aspiration
  • Computer Whiz Aspiration
  • Renaissance Sim Aspiration
  • Joke Star Aspiration

To read the story in the right order, use the link above to Forrest’s Legacy for a chapter index.

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A home at last

As soon as Forrest woke up on Thursday morning he made some calls and arranged for the things he needed to be delivered. He ignored the assault on his householdfunds as he knew this step was necessary for the progression of his life and the Newcrest Cause. Once his delivery arrived He got hard to work and it wasn’t long before this appeared on his lawn.


A tiny little wood cabin. What was more important was inside the cabin was a small kitchen, a whole room just for the shower and toilet a brand new bed and a tiny TV to help keep Forrest amused after work, not that he wanted to use that much.

After packing away his portable things, he hadn’t sold those as he had a feeling they may come in useful, he moved his plants into better positions around the cabin. Now he was almost ready to call Summer and show her the surprise.


He took one last look, just to make sure he met all the requirements. He had a fridge.. check… an enclosed space… check and all the plumbing requirements. The home was ready, even if it was small. He really felt like he was moving forward at last. Only one last thing to do, call Summer and tell her he had something to show her.


When Summer arrived, she was amazed to see what he’d done and couldn’t help but fling her arms round him in happiness. She hated leaving him alone on his lot at nights and had wished hard that it wouldn’t be long until she could move in with him there. She didn’t realise her wish would come true so fast, but now it had she was ready.

Forrest wasted no time in asking her to move in with him and Summer accepted even before he got the question out of his mouth. Forrest had yet another surprise for her, but that would come later. For now, it was just a question of settling in together. The first thing Summer did was give up her awful job in Willow Creek and Forrest told her that she didn’t need to find another. Summer’s aspiration was to be “Friend of the world” and that was surely a good talent to put to use when you were starting a community. Forrest felt sure that she could do more by fulfilling her aspiration than slaving her days away in a kitchen.


They spent the afternoon getting used to the new house together, Forrest tried to watch TV but he was continually distracted by the unbelievable sight of Summer cooking in the tiny kitchen. He couldn’t believe she was really here living with him. When Summer had finished making lunch and they’d filled their bellies, he asked her to take a walk with him. He wanted to show her Newcrest through his eyes and talk about the future plans. Or at least that’s what he told her.


Instead, Forrest led Summer to a quiet corner and suddenly dropped to one knee. As the sun began to set behind them he took out the ring that had been on his purchase list this very morning and opened the box.

“Summer, you make me feel like the happiest man on simearth and the only way I could be happier is if you would do me the honour of being my wife”

Summer looked shocked, but as she held her hand out to take the ring, she gave him his answer.

“Forrest, I never dreamed I’d someone so sweet as you and it would be my dream come true to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Forrest slipped the ring on to her finger and Summer admired it. It was only small, but it meant the world to her. She knew their wedding wouldn’t be huge but she was already looking forward to the day she would become Summer Townsend.


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Not just another day

Tuesday rolled around, it wasn’t much of a day, Forrest did however…


…buy his very own toilet to spare him the race to the “facilities” and back before work in the morning.


…do  little painting


…evolve some plants


… and call Summer to say he missed her and was working hard on their future and promptly went to sleep.

Wednesday however, that was a whole other story. When Forrest woke up, he discovered bugs on some of plants and didn’t have time to take care of that before work.


As he took his morning shower he felt something come loose and the shower started spraying water everywhere, he didn’t have time to fix that either.


He left for work feeling pretty awful, he hadn’t even had time to clean up the stinky breakfast bowl from his lawn and his painting had remained unfinished due to his tiredness. His despondency dogged his work day too and so he didn’t make much progress there. By the time he came home he was so fed up that he decided to call his boss and ask if he could have Thursday free. His boss agreed, which lifted Forrest’s gloom just a little, enough so that he could tend to his buggy plants and attempt to fix his shower.


It seemed that Forrest had a bit of luck, his plants hadn’t suffered too much from the bugs and as he sprayed them he began to feel a little better, looking forward to a good day on Thursday  now he had arranged a little R’n’R. He hoped the shower wouldn’t be too hard to fix.


Summer texted him while he was busy banging on the shower, trying to get the pipe back where it belonged, and told him she’d be there in a few minutes. She arrived while he was still working and as she watched through the curtain he told her about his awful day.

When he was done fixing the shower to the best of his ability and the water finally stopped pouring out of it Summer was ready for him with a big comfort hug. She wrapped her arms round him tightly and assured him that things could only get better.


Forrest felt like the luckiest man alive as he wrapped her up in his arms. She always knew what to say to make him feel better. As they talked, he harvested his plants and made his sale, he was surprised to see his householdfunds had finally made it to just over §5000. Now he felt ecstatic, that was enough to cover the cost of the plans he’d made in his sketch. Thursday was something to look forward to. The only thing he didn’t do was tell Summer, this was going to be a big surprise for her. Summer stayed until it was time for her work shift to begin. Forrest tried hard to get to sleep but he was way too excited for the morning. Finally he managed to close his eyes and drift off into his dreams.

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Just Another Day


Forrest arrived home from work to find good news, a promotion to art book collator, and bad news  his mail box full. He gingerly took the envelope from the box and opened it. He was relieved to see that his bill were no where near extortionate, in fact they were the least he’d ever had. He paid the §214 quickly before he had time to think about it and decided that as Summer was working again he would go and explore the rest of Newcrest. He was hoping to find some new plant varieties to add to his garden.


First he headed up towards the lots that were by the canal, it had intrigued him since he moved here. He was considering that area as the place for his next home, even if that was a long way in the future. When he arrived it seemed like there was nothing there, but after wandering a while he spotted some logs to gather frogs in and some nodes to excavate. After that he started looking for plants.


Sure enough he found a couple but they weren’t ready for harvesting yet and as he wasn’t skilled enough to take a cutting, those would have to wait. He jotted down the locations of the rosebush and the onion plant  in his notebook for later and continued exploring. He found a great pond that seemed to be teaming with fish, just behind the biggest plot in the area. Now that would make a good home for later, he was sure. Forrest had considered fishing as a means for fertilizer for his plants but so far he hadn’t had time to give it a go, maybe a new hobby for later when he could retire, painting was going to keep him busy for now along with his garden and Summer he had no time left over.


As he was looking at the pond, he realised it was already getting dark and he’d have to hurry if he wanted to scout out the third area. He set off walking and soon arrived. Here he found a potato plant and some more frogs, but nothing was ready to harvest. He ran round looking over the area and thought it would make a great area for the community lots to be built, marking down the plot locations and sketching out his ideas, the gym on the biggest, then there’d be room for a pool, the Library needed quite a bit of space too, and the bar and lounge could nicely fit in the middle, but that was for later and the heirs that had those goals may have other ideas. He laughed at his own absurdity, he didn’t even have a house yet, let alone an heir.


He was beginning to feel tired again, the moon was full in the sky and even though he hadn’t realised it yet, he was beginning to stink almost as much as before he’d owned a shower. He’d best get home or he wouldn’t have time for a good nights sleep and after the night before, that was needed.


Forrest was filthy when he arrived home, it wasn’t just the stink cloud this time that was screaming shower at him, but his clothes were covered in mud from all his digging around for plants and things. He was also exhausted so a long shower was out of the question and the worst thing, it was too late to call Summer, she’d have gone to bed. He mentally kicked himself for getting distracted and staying out so late as he headed to the shower to wash the worst of the grime off himself before sleeping. Oh, and he just had the time to send all his finds to the simsethernet and rake in a few more simoleons, he was way too tired to bother with how much it was. Tomorrow he’d stay home after work and paint, he swore. He slept deeply that night and the cow plant menace stayed out of his dreams, that was at least a blessing.

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I Just Called…

Forrest had lots of plans for Sunday, garden, find out what that mysterious surprise was and then to paint. Seeing Summer wasn’t on the list as he knew she had to work again but after yesterday he didn’t mind he would call her later. So to begin, he dragged the surprise item out of his householdvoid and set it out on the lawn. Studying it carefully, he decided that while it was a nice piece of work he had nowhere to put it and as it was worth round about §200 it was better to sell it and use the money to buy a wall for his house or something. Oddly enough, he felt a little flirty after studying the artwork.


That just might have been worth keeping it for, but no.. he needed every simoleon he could get just now and so it had to go. With the §196 in his householdfunds he felt a little better and decided to get to grips with the easel. He looked at the blank white canvas and thought of Summer, his heart beating a little faster and with a sigh, he got to work on a painting that suited his mood.. flirty. It wasn’t going to be his best work, but the end result was kinda sweet. He decided to risk keeping it and left it to dry while he tended his plants.


With his flirty mood over now that he saw how badly his skills needed improving, he decided it was time to make a serious attempt at a classical artwork. He set the brush to canvas once more and thought hard about Llama’s, why Llama’s he didn’t know but that was what he decided to paint. The only problem was he still had pink paint from the flirty painting left over on his easel and it turned into a rather pink Llama.

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Oh well, it did sell for more than he’d paid for the canvas, it was a start. The hunger pangs got to him as he cleaned the brushes and so he went to see if anyone was cooking again. He was just in time to see Summer leaving the grills, rushing off to work. He was a bit disappointed that she hadn’t called to see him but she told him she’d rushed over to make him dinner and hadn’t had time and that now he was here, he’d better eat the meal she’d left before it was cold. He waved her off and grabbed a plate and a seat with the girls at the picnic table. While it felt good to be surrounded by women for a change he’d have exchanged them all for a few more minutes with Summer by his side.


The food was good, though he hadn’t expected anything less from his angel and he couldn’t wait to provide a kitchen for her in his own house. He spent the afternoon gathering what he could from the neighbourhood again and by the time he got home and sold it all, he had exactly §3106 in his householdfunds, he was doing well. The only problem was, it was Monday tomorrow and he had a horrible suspicion that the bills would arrive. Bills were something he was dreading, he had no idea really how much life cost in Newcrest but he tried to calm himself, seeing as he was living on empty lot with barely any possessions they couldn’t be too high. He’d worry about that tomorrow especially after he saw something much more worrying while he was working on his garden.


There was Mrs  Bella Goth in a startling evening gown, but what was even more startling, she’d been walking calmly along the pavement until she noticed Forrest. At this point, she stopped dead, turned her back, pulled out her telephone and started talking excitedly into it. Forrest had no idea what that meant but a foreboding feeling told him that it could never be good. He’d heard the rumours before leaving Willow Creek that Bella had been seen in company of a notorious crime boss and not so innocently either. In less polite terms, Bella had been seen cavorting rather naked in the back of Mr Crime bosses rather swanky Mercimdes. He only hoped that she wasn’t reporting on him, that could mean trouble for Newcrest.


“I just called to say I love you” said Forrest as Summer answered her phone. As they hadn’t had time to spend together today, a phone call would have to be enough. He told her about his feeble attempts at painting and heard her tinkly laugh on the other end of the line, that made him feel a bit better. After he’d calmed his nerves enough he told Summer about Bella and what he’d seen but Summer told him not to worry too much and that he should be safe in Newcrest. Talking to Summer had lifted his spirits so much that before sleeping, he even managed to complete another painting and with that, his task for work. He’d even gained a painting skill level much to his surprise. He gave Summer the credit for giving him all the inspiration. Now it was time to get his head down and get some sleep. Monday morning meant work and maybe even bills. He didn’t sleep so peacefully this time, he started dreaming about that strange plant again and Bella taking the cake, he woke up before he saw what happened next but it was already quite an alarming dream… those teeth… the cow plant’s, not Bella’s.



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Saturday Sublime


As Forrest ate breakfast on Saturday morning his belly was filled not only with cereal but fluttery butterflies. He had a date later with the girl of his dreams and he could barely contain his excitement. First of course he had to see to the garden. As you can see, his plants were doing wonderfully, apple boughs filled with fruit, flower blooms waiting to catch the butterflies, if they only got loose from their belly cage and mushrooms poking their merry heads out in the sun. Forrest eyed the easel, knowing he still had to get painting, but first he had an idea as a he pulled an old canvas out of his back pocket.


Before he could begin however, he heard a familiar voice calling to him from the pavement. Embarrassed that she’d caught him in his pyjamas he hurried over anyway. Vivian was just stopping by to see how he was doing and to ask if he needed anything. Of course he did, a house, dammit, but he knew he couldn’t ask her for that. He told her he was doing just fine and brought her up to speed about his new job, neglecting so far to mention Summer as it was still too early days for all that, though it was looking hopeful. Vivian admired his plants, pleased to see how well they were doing and then told him it was time she was leaving as she was sure he had better things to do than chat with an old lady. Much as he politely disagreed, inwardly he was glad that she was so tactful and hadn’t called attention to his nightly attire either. He admired this wonderful lady so much, she was relatively rich, rather posh, and yet she never looked down on anyone and always seemed to know how to make people feel at ease. She was another reason he was glad he’d decided to brave this opportunity and he didn’t want to fail her.


Forrest picked up the canvas he’d hurriedly discarded earlier and set it in place on the easel. He pulled an ink pen out of his back pocket and began to sketch up his ideas and a few calculations. … If I put this here and build a wall there.. then maybe that will fit there and this .. he smudged it a little in annoyance as it still didn’t seem to work out, but he continued adding another calculation or two and realising that no , he still didn’t have enough in his householdfunds to build it, but the house in his head was taking shape on the canvas.


Soon he was done and though it didn’t look like much more than a few squiggles here and there, he did feel he’d made progress and it sure gave him something to focus on to remind him why he was working so hard, not only at work, but also on the plants. He needed the money to build what was on the picture so he could ask someone to be his wife and he dearly hoped that someone would be … altogether now… “Summer Holiday”…


Right on cue, just as he’d harvested the last plant and sent all the harvest off to the simethernet, Summer arrived, looking as usual as bright as a Summer’s day. He gestured to the bed and sat next to her, quickly getting close for a cuddle, he had missed her so much and it seemed she had too as she eagerly leaned against him and reciprocated. He asked her about her day and she told him she was pretty tense, she hated her job and it left her with aching muscles from picking up all the heavy pans and things to wash. Forrest couldn’t help himself from reaching out and massaging her shoulders and while he felt it was pretty cheesy, she did seem to appreciate it.


Summer got up after his massage and stretched, before he knew what he was doing, Forrest had swept her into his arms and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, almost knocking her over in his exuberance. His skill in planting had obviously gotten him somewhere as the kiss blossomed and he barely wanted to let her go again, however, he had other plans for the day than to just stay here making out like a pair of teenagers. He reluctantly broke off the kiss and took her hand.


Forrest wanted this to be the day he told Summer how he felt about her, and while he wasn’t ready to propose marriage.. well, he was.. but of course, the lack of a house put a damper on that for now, he was ready to ask her to be his girlfriend. He led her down to the benches that looked over a beautiful waterfall, it was one of the prettiest spots he’d found in Newcrest so far. When they reached the spot, Forrest told her to wait a moment as he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and smoothed it out. He took a deep breath and began to read..

When darkness falls and we’re apart
Can love heal this lonely heart
I love you dearly that I do
Sleep is good when dreaming of you
With all my love I give to you
You are so sweet I know not how I’m with you.

Not much of a poet our Forrest, but still, he tried, that’s what trying to write poetry with a head dizzy from turpentine fumes does to you. Summer seemed to like it anyway because when he popped the question.. no not THAT question…. Summer agreed to become  his girlfriend. And Forrest jumped so much for joy that he could have broken a high jump record.


Photo’s had to be taken to mark the special event and as Forrest waved his telephone round rather clumsily trying to do it, he couldn’t stop a smug grin distorting his mouth. I would have rather thought he would be grinning with happiness, but I have evidence to the contrary… and here it is Forrest..


The resulting photos were put safely into their back pockets, Summer said hers was going on her night stand, but Forrest replied that he’d have to wait for a wall to hang his on. They spent the rest of the date sitting watching the waterfall and talking about the future. Forrest explained to Summer that he couldn’t ask her to move in with him until he had at least something resembling a house and Summer agreed, saying she wouldn’t move in with anyway yet, first, she wanted to get to know him better and second, while she didn’t have the materialistic trait, she was accustomed to a little more luxury than he could offer her just now. Happy with the status quo between them, they ended the perfect date with a little cloud gazing.


They watched as the sun went down and the first pin pricks of star light appeared when Summer remembered she was due for a late shift at work so she hurried off, giving him a hasty kiss goodbye. Forrest ate a lonely but free dinner of hamburgers reminiscing on the day. He’d earned a gold medal for his dating prowess and he knew there was something special in his householdvoid waiting for him to get home and examine it.


Saturday was in Forrest’s eyes the best day he’d had in Newcrest but now it was coming to an end and tomorrow would be here sooner than he liked. That meant sleeping, but sleeping meant dreaming and hopefully dreams of his wonderful Summer.

*Authors note: Credit for the poem goes to Michael Lish and I found it on this site. If you read the first word of every line you see a whole other side to this poem and I’m sure it’s a question Forrest is asking himself right now.

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It’s Friday, I’m in Love


Friday morning arrived right on schedule and Forrest woke up, grabbing a bowl of cereal from the cooler. He ate quickly and surveyed his domain. So far he was feeling good about himself and what he’d achieved. His plants were thriving, his skill in gardening was increasing rapidly and work was going ok, no promotion yet, but still, it was a regular wage and tomorrow was weekend.


He showered, inspiring himself by singing a little ditty, “Lavenders blue,dilly, dilly,Lavender green, When I am king, dilly, dilly, You shall be queen”. There should be no doubt as to who will be his queen. He left for work in a great mood and spent the day cleaning palettes, unfortunately someone knocked over a bottle of turpentine as they hurried off with a drying canvas and by the end of the day Forrest was feeling rather dazed. He was almost sure he’d been mopping the ceiling by the at the end of his shift. All he wanted to do when he came home was take a nap, but that wasn’t to be. There was the garden to be tended and amazingly, Summer texted him to say sorry she couldn’t make it over the night before but she had a free evening and would happily visit now if he wanted. He didn’t hesitate in saying yes and suddenly there she was, right on his lawn.

He gave her a big hug, just to let her know how pleased he was to see her, she seemed happy to accept, but of course, she did consider him a friend now. He wondered if tonight was the night he could move things further. She felt so good in his arms and she smelt as good as she looked. He knew that he would be at least grateful for this moment if nothing else.
They been talking for hours as he slid his way a little closer, taking her hand in his and she didn’t back away. He’d been explaining his plans for the garden and telling her how the plants had grown so well and she’d answered with a flippant “It’s not surprising that the plants are doing so well with your tender hands”. Maybe this was his moment?
His courage failed him and instead of putting an arm around her as he’d planned, he decided to keep it light now and tickled her, her laugh was so beautiful it was worth it. They continued talking as the stars shone down on them and it was clear that Summer was in a playful mood. Eventually he used this to his advantage and telling to look up at a constellation to distract her, he reached his arm round her and…
She didn’t back away.
It was like all the magic in simsworld happened at once and she was wrapped in his arm, his heart beat faster and faster and he couldn’t help but gaze deeply into her big blue eyes, nothing could spoil this moment. Eventually he pulled away and blew her a big kiss while he admired the moonlight shimmering on her blond hair, it was like an angel had fallen out of the sky and was slowly becoming his very own angel.
He couldn’t let this luck pass him by, gently he took her hand and asked her to walk with to the river. She obliged, giggling a little while she followed him, Summer herself was feeling rather giddy with emotion.
As they reached the river, Forrest stopped her, just at the waters edge, pointing out to her how the moonlight seemed to dance on the streaming water, it was so enchanting and he felt it was the perfect moment for…
Their very first kiss. It was all he’d dreamed of his, as his lips met hers he could hear the river rushing by and the soft sweetness of her lips against his was unmissable. He could almost hear angels sighing. Summer didn’t seem surprised by the kiss, in fact she seemed happy that he’d done it. He could barely resist blurting out those 3 little words and maybe scaring her away. Instead he fiddled in his back pocket and found the paper rose he’d snaffled from work today and gently handed it to her.
He laughed and told her that he’d harvested all his flowers or she’d have had a snapdragon instead. Summer accepted it and giggled as she held it to her  nose, pretending to smell it. Forrest was grateful that it didn’t stink of the turpentine that had made him feel so bad at work.
Sadly it had become really late and Summer said she’d have to leave. Forrest glanced down gloomily but brightened up quick when Summer said she had time to see him tomorrow afternoon. “It’s a date!” he answered and gave her another kiss goodbye. His dreams were filled with Summer again this night.
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Toil the days away

When Forrest woke up on Wednesday morning he was still tired, but he managed to remember that he had to work today. Although he hadn’t slept too well he was still looking forward to his first day back at a real job. Order of the day, find food, shower, get to work, tend plants. It was too early in the morning for anyone to be practising their grilling skills today, he looked around in hope for Bob but he was nowhere to be seen. There was nothing for it but to cook his own breakfast.


Forrest threw some of the left over apples he’d harvested on to the hot coals, it seemed he needed simoleons even to make the grill work, there went another §10. It wasn’t so important, it was a work day so he’d be coming home with a pay-packet. His shower had put him in a good mood, not only for cooking but for work, he hoped he would do well today.


As he ate, Forrest thought more about the day and how he’d fit work around his garden and managing to convince Summer that he was the man for her. He’d cross those bridges later, he knew that first and foremost he had to get those plants into good shape but he was already past the first mile stone of his aspiration. He started to wonder what was in the drawings his mother had hidden and if they could help him but for now he had no time to look at them.


He only had time to stop by one rock on the way to work, sadly it didn’t give up anything interesting. He was whistling as he left his lot for his first work day, barely a simoleon to  his name but he was still a happy man. The day passed quickly and he worked harder than he ever had before, hoping he’d manage to get a foot up that ladder soon. He arrived home with his pay in his in pocket, §168 simoleons, he decided that he would buy himself something more comfortable than a park bench to sleep on, his back was aching at work. He’d also been told that if he could learn to paint, he’d have a far better chance of promotion so very bravely he added an easel to his simethernet order, leaving him with only §38 to “play” with.


He blew up the bed and threw the covers on then proceeded to put together the easel, it was harder than it looked, but finally he had it. Now to get work on the garden. He admired his little metal piece again as he wandered about watering the plants and checking their condition, he was amazed that that little box could make him feel so focused as he went about the work. He even felt so capable now that he could fertilise the plants to make them grow better. He decided to save all the mushrooms after he harvested the plants and use those.


When he was done, Forrest was way too exhausted to do anything else but fall in an worn out heap into his new bed. What bliss, even though it was still under the stars he really felt like he was sleeping on air, the only regret of his day was that he hadn’t had time to call Summer and ask her over. He’d wanted to show her how pretty his lilies and snapdragons were now they’d bloomed. No matter, tomorrow was another day.


Forrest woke up feeling much better on Thursday, the exhaustion having dissipated with a great night’s sleep on his new airbed. He cooked himself another grilled fruit breakfast then took a few moments to appreciate the beauty around him. Laying on the grass in his pyjamas her started up at the blue blue sky watching the clouds go by and trying to picture his future in them. Suddenly he realised he was nearly late for work and as he’d not  had time for any painting practice the evening before he’d better run for it.


The plants needed watering as he arrived home, they were also ready to be harvested. When he was done he emptied his back pocket into the simethernet again, only holding on the mushrooms as he had plans for those. With the sale of his harvest and the few things he’d managed to collect in the last days his householdfunds rose above §1000 for for the first time. He decided that losing §10 to the grill every morning for a plate of food he couldn’t finish was silly and decided to splurge on a cheap cool box. Free cereal every morning was better than nothing. With that done, he set about getting his plants fertilised, shaking bits of the mushrooms into the soil around each plant. It took longer than he had expected but finally it was done and the plants looked much better for it. They were ready to be evolved and luckily with the magic metal making him feel so good with his garden, he knew exactly how to do it, pull a bit here, pull a bit there, whisper a magic word or two and pizazz…


The plants seemed to change before his eyes, giving off an almost eerie magic glow, no wonder his mother was so enthusiastic about the pleasure gardening brought her. When he was done, Forrest realised he was already nearly half way through his 2nd aspiration milestone although far from his ultimate goal. His mood was jubilant so he decided to call Summer even though he’d picked all the lilies he’d wanted to show her. She was busy working and couldn’t come over so Forrest sadly headed for his bed, not in the mood to bother with the easel now he couldn’t see his muse.


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Everything’s Coming up Lilies


Tuesday dawned bright and sunny and woke Forrest with the warmth of the sun. He stretched and made his way to the facilities. Even though he’d spent the night on the bench again he was feeling pretty good this morning and started early with his scavenging round. Today there were apples for the picking, the flowers had bloomed again and the frogs had bred overnight, by the time he got home again he’d already found enough things to bring his householdsfunds above that precious §500. Today was the day he would call about a job. As he reached the lot he saw that the mailbox indicated that something had been delivered and he sure hoped it wasn’t bills already. Forrest was in luck, the day before he’d found a chunk of metal that wasn’t worth a a lot in simoleans but there was something about it that appealed to him. He’d thought it over before selling and decided this time he’d send that little piece off to the geo council and have it extracted, it would be his good luck charm. Today it had arrived back to him all nicely sealed in a plastic cube to protect it. As he held it to the light, it sure looked pretty and still he had the rare feeling it was lucky.


He placed the plastic chunk in the middle of his garden and set to work watering, for some reason he felt he could really focus in on what he was doing with that metal chunk next to him. Watering went well and it seemed that his new plants were thriving, he’d even found apples to plant today. It wasn’t long before his belly started to rumble and he made his way to the grill site hoping someone would be cooking a meal. Another lucky strike, there was Bob, this time trying his hand at hotdogs and they smelled good. He’d just sat down and picked up a plate when Summer showed up and sat beside him. That put a huge smile on his face as she greeted him warmly. Bob seemed to like Summer too and didn’t mind that she’d also caught him out on his cooking practice, it seemed everyone liked Summer.


They ate and chatted companionably with the water gently rippling behind them, the sun sparkling off it, Forrest felt almost as if he had reached the simbeyond with the beauty of Summer sitting beside him, today he’d found out that she was not only a cheerful sim but outgoing and active, she was beginning to look like the perfect lady to share his life, not only that, he’d realised he was quite smitten by her. When they talked it was like her smile lit up his world and her laugh, a symphony to his ears. Today she’d given him her telephone number and told him that she found him a good friend. That was nice, but he was hoping for more, for now it was enough. Forrest knew before he could move much further with Summer he would have to have 4 walls and at least something that resembled a home for her, they couldn’t both sleep on the bench outside his plot together after all.


When Forrest returned to his plot, the first thing he did was take out his telephone and call the number Vivian had given him where he could maybe find work. He knew he would have to give up most of his householdfunds to register with the agency but hopefully it would be worth it. They took his details and his money, asked him a few questions about his previous work and said they would get back to him if they had something to offer him. To poor Forrest it didn’t sound too hopeful, §500 simoleons less and no firm job offer. Oh well, all he could do was keep his finger crossed and go tend to his garden again.


While he was tending the garden, Forrest was startled by the sudden trilling of the phone from his packet, he hadn’t expected a call so quickly. He answered and to his surprise it was the women from the agency telling him they had found a job for him. It wasn’t much, but there was a chance to study and work his way up the ladder. He would be cleaning paint pallets for a local artist group. He laughed, it wasn’t much a step up from sweeping museum floors, but it was a steady income, albeit a low one. He gratefully accepted the offer and was surprised to hear that since he had accepted a job offer, he would receive his deposit back. Wow, Forrest hadn’t expected that, but sure enough when he checked, his householdfunds were §500 richer again.


Forrest was so happy that he decided to go for a walk around the neighbourhood, this time just to get to know it better and not search for things to sell, that could wait till tomorrow. He was in emergency need for some amusement so he stopped by the pirate ship to play sea monster for sweet looking little girl that was there with her mother. They had a wonderful time and it reminded Forrest of why he was putting himself through all this hardship, a new town for the future and there was the future staring him in the face from the eyes of the little girl. Forrest was pretty tired by the time they were done with their game, he’d jumped up at least 20 times and made the little girl laugh. He was too tired to be bothered making the journey home so he curled up on the next bench he found and tried to get some rest before he started work the next day.


And so ended Tuesday, Forrest curled up asleep about as far from his lot as he could be, dreaming about sweeping paint off museum floors.

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Monday, Monday…

Monday morning dawned, bright and sunny as usual. Forrest woke up a little dazed wondering where he was but quickly remembered as the beautiful scenery of Newcrest came in to focus. He stretched feeling a little stiff from a night sleeping on the wooden bench and took the short stroll back to his lot.


He was pleased to see the packing crates that heralded the arrival of his one sentimental belonging and began to unpack them. As he assembled the suit of amour an envelope full of papers fell out and he reached for it quickly. After scanning some of the documents, he realised they were nothing more than his mothers sketches and plans for her garden, trust her to have hidden them somewhere like that. What Forrest didn’t know however was that the armour contained another hidden secret, maybe one he wouldn’t come across for years.


Forrest took a last look at the armour before banishing it to the household void. He knew it wasn’t a good idea to leave something like that out on his empty property, no matter how safe Newcrest was, and with the armour banished to the void, the secret is banished to the void too… for now. The next important task, finding breakfast.


Forrest needn’t have worried, someone else in Willow Creek had a secret too, none other than Bob Pancakes who had been surreptitiously trying out some new recipes on the Newcrest grills, today was the first time he had been caught. Forrest assured Bob that he wouldn’t tell, so long as he could help with the quality control and quickly grabbed a burger from the plate for himself. The meat was a little chewy but it was sure edible and he wasn’t going to complain over free food, certainly not with no job and only §175 in his householdfunds. As they ate, he acted as agony aunt, listening to Bob talking about his marital problems and how he’d wanted to learn to cook something other than pancakes in the hope that Eliza would be happier with him, so far he wasn’t having a lot of success, this was the first day he hadn’t set the burgers on fire. Forrests advice to Bob was that he should keep practising, in his own interests of course, as it meant that the likelihood  of free food for himself was higher. They finished their meal and Bob went back to studying his recipe book while Forrest mentally worked out his scavenging route for the day.


Forrest did his round, harvesting, digging, groping inside tree trunks, nothing escaped his ruthless hands until he could find nothing more to scavenge. On returning home, he sorted his loot, frogs, plants, this time some strawberries and mushrooms to add to his collection, he set out two of each new species to plant and got to work digging. Once the plants were in the ground he arranged the sale of the other things. Today he hit pay dirt with a gem that brought him §160 and he hit his goal of getting §500. As he watered the plants he thought over what he should do with the money, would he call the agency for a job, or buy a shower. He already felt a little less than fresh around the edges. He was tired to he decided to nap on it. When he woke up, the cloud of green fog surrounding him and the onslaught on his nose made the decision for him. He didn’t want Summer to smell him like this for all that she was a cheerful and not much could spoil her mood, he was sure that she wouldn’t want to come closer and he sure wanted her to.


He quickly ordered a portable shower kit from the simsethernet before he could change his mind and watched the simoleans fly out of his householdfunds, now he had only slightly more than yesterday, §255. The silver lining was that he would at least be able to get cleaner. He set the shower up on the grass next to his plants, hoping he wouldn’t offend too many passers by with his nakedness and wondering if he could justify the purchase of it by using it to help water his plants too.


As he scrubbed himself clean under the running water, he started thinking more about Summer, just saying her name in his head made him want to burst into song and before he knew it a very untuneful “we’re all goin’ on a …  ” started falling from his mouth. He shook himself and decided that wasn’t exactly an appropriate song for her. He knew she was cheerful, but what else made her so bouncy and jovial around the neighbourhood. He decided to make an effort to talk to at every opportunity he got. After his shower, Forrest was exhausted, he could barely drag himself to the bench.


As he curled up to sleep under the stars for another night his head was filled with images of his beautiful blonde and he dreamed sweetly as the sun set on another day in Newcrest. He wanted to be up bright and early tomorrow for another round of gathering, planting and scrounging free breakfast.

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In the beginning

Forrest’s tram journey was uneventful, he’d managed to find a discarded book to read during the travelling. It had distracted him from the thoughts that he’d never travel back this way to Willow Creek again but by now he had no doubts about his task. As the tram pulled to a halt with the familiar squeal of breaks, he laid the book aside, took a deep breath and stepped out from the exit door. As he took in his first view of Newcrest he was struck breathless by the beauty of the unspoilt town, all around him he could see nothing but empty land filled with wild flowers and crystal blue waters.


He decided to take a wander around the empty town and think carefully over which lot he would chose as first Newcrest home. Really already he was thinking of it as HOME, that surprised him just a little. There were beautiful lots with rivers next to them or canals, there was even play equipment for future children, Vivian had certainly chosen a great location for the Cause. He studied his map carefully and looked around for facilities nearby each lot, but he finally decided on the only square lot in the town, it seemed sensible for laying out a park.


Tranquil Crescent seemed the perfect place, there were makeshift public toilets nearby and places where he could grill food, he’d think about showers and beds later, his next move would be to call Vivian and arrange the purchase of the lot from her. He stood in the middle of the empty lot taking it all in, then reached decisively for his mobile and began dialling.


Very quickly the arrangements were made, the money was transferred and he’d arranged for Vivian to ship over the packing crates that contained the old armour. Now he was simoleanless he would have to get to work scavenging and fishing and hopefully he could find some seeds to plant ready for the park. He was hoping it would not take long to make the §500 he needs to sign up to the job agency, plus a bit extra for a bed and shower.


He began by searching an old log that sat by the corner of his lot, he grimaced as he put his hand in, it felt slimy, as his hand moved around he got lucky and closed his fingers round something that felt cold and wet. He pulled it out of the hole triumphantly and discovered it was a frog, it wasn’t worth a lot, around §10 but it was a start.


Next up, he found some very pretty flowers, lilies he thought as he studied the bloom carefully. He tucked those safely away and continued his trek around the neighbourhood, finding more flowers to pluck.


His belly started to rumble a little and he was quickly reminded that he would have to find food in a hurry, luckily it seemed a few curious Willow Creek residents were having a day trip to Newcrest organised by no other than the now renowned Vivian Lewis. Notably, there was also lunch. Forrest grabbed a plate and joined the group at the table to eat, finding himself introduced to a chirpy blond women, named appropriately Summer. He stayed a while enjoying the company and of course the free food but it wasn’t long before he would have to brave the … facilities… as his bladder was starting to complain.


Forrest gave himself a mental pack on the back as he entered into the unknown. Luckily he didn’t have the squeamish trait so the public convenience wasn’t a nightmare for him and as it was so close to his lot it was very convenient for him. After his little bathroom excursion, he continued scavenging the area and was lucky enough to find a big lump of ground that looked interesting, digging into it he pulled out a nugget of metal that had to be worth something.


He walked a little further, keeping his eyes peeled for more things to collect, however as he reached the other grill area he came across that lovely blond woman again and she stopped to say hello, she seemed very curious about him and asked him how his day was going.


He was happy to see her, there was something about her bright blue eyes and cheery nature that reminded him of his mother. They talked for a while about lots of things, Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–And why the sea is boiling hot–And whether pigs have wings. Well perhaps not those things, but sims do seem to talk about crazy things. He was still talking to her as it got dark and he realised he would have to return to his plot and take a lot at his spoils for the day, fingers crossed the junk cluttering up his back pocket was worth something.


He spread everything out on the grass and surveyed it, 3 frogs, a lump of rock, a strange box, a lump of metal ore and last but definitely not least, the first flowers he would plant for the garden. They weren’t in great condition, but he hoped that with some TLC he could make them perfect. He quickly sold everything via the simsethernet and netted a profit of §175. Now to get to work planting those flowers.


He knelt on the grass and began to dig a hole, unaware that someone had walked up behind him, he was about to get a shock… or surprise… as there was Summer again, almost as if she was stalking him. He almost jumped out of his skin as he stood up and found her watching him, but the plants were planted and he had time to chat while he watered the mounds of soil, Summer was so friendly, he couldn’t help enjoy her company. She did seemed concerned that he’d over watered his budding garden, waving her hands at the puddles on the grass before saying that it was time she travelled home to Willow Creek. He sighed, realising he’d miss her now he’d met her. Still there was enough to distract him for a while.


As he listened to the sound of Summer walking out of his life he checked the balance of his household funds on his telephone, relieved that the simethernet worked fast and the money was already in his account. Now it was really dark and he was feeling sleepy, all the excitement having drained his batteries but with only §175 there would be no feather bed to sleep in tonight. His eyes drifted towards a wooden bench just over the boundry of his property and he figured with a bit of luck he could catch 40 winks there, or maybe 120…


And so ends our first day in Newcrest with our humble founder sleeping like a dog on the wooden bench dreaming of what tomorrow might bring.

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