From here to…. Newcrest!


Forrest sat home … alone… watching TV, the news was on and as usual it was full of depressing stories, the crime rate was rising, Willow Creek was under the influence of some high-flying crime baron, but what was worse, it seemed that the sphere of influence had spread to Oasis Springs. Forrest had enough, while he stared in annoyance at the screen, the interviews with the crime fighting force and the desecration of his home town he just sighed, there had to be something better than this…

He was just about to set the TV out when an advert caught his attention, at first it sounded like one of those stupid investment bank adverts, you know the ones that start out with “want a better life for yourself and your family” and ends with, invest all your money with us… so irritating when you don’t HAVE money, well, at least the amounts they want you to invest to begin. Forrest wasn’t exactly poor, but living alone in rented accommodation and being on the lookout for a better job than sweeping the floor of the local museum everyday, he found those adverts annoying. This one however ended a little differently and piqued his curiosity. Something about looking for a volunteer to begin a new community, he hadn’t quite caught all the details, but he managed to catch a little of the website address to write down. Forrest had no computer at home, but he knew that the Willow Creek Library had just managed to replace the ones that had been stolen in the last library break-in. Next stop, Willow Creek Archive.


Forrest managed to find himself a computer that wasn’t being used and settled into the chair. His typing skills weren’t up to much but it wasn’t long before he had typed the snippet of the web address into smoogle and found what he was looking for. He read eagerly becoming more and more interested in the proposition that was being put forward for the brave soul that would undertake this task. There were a few things to consider, such as the fact he would have to live alone on an empty plot while he engaged in his goal. He was allowed to keep one thing of sentimental value but in order to fund the purchase of the lot he would have to sell everything else he owned and donate the proceeds to the cause, the CAUSE being “Build Newcrest”. Even the name of the new town gave him a little shiver of excitement. Feeling like he was on the crest of a wave, at least of confused emotion, he decided to take a walk in the fresh air, but not before writing down the telephone number applicants were asked to call.


He found a bench and sat to consider all he had read, everything sounded just about perfect apart from that one not so little thing. According to the rules he would never again be able to travel back to Willow Creek or visit Oasis Springs, that was difficult, he’d lived all his life in Willow Creek and in the last few years had buried both his parents there. Not being able to visit their graves again bothered him but he had something of his father’s that he could think of as a memorial, a rusty old suit of armor that was brought back from one of his father’s odd missions. For some reason, his father had been asked to take it into his custody and never let it go, Forrest had taken over responsibility for this thing when his father had died. Forrest’s father had always been an adventurous type and Forrest knew that he would have encouraged his son to jump with both hands and feet at this opportunity. With the decision made to at least make the call, Forrest walked home, his head spinning with questions.


Forrest made it home and after a few deep breaths to calm his nerves, he picked up his phone and dialled the number. The voice on the end of the line sounded quite dignified, he thought he recognised it from somewhere but couldn’t quite place it. He explained that he was calling about the Newcrest Cause and that he wanted to be considered as an applicant. The lady on the other end of the phone asked for his name and address and told him that she had only had one other caller so far, hence the expense of the TV advert, she was pretty desperate to get the project of the ground. She would come to interview as soon as he had time to meet with her. Forrest told her that he was available right now and she could interview him in her house. He put his phone back in his pocket and bit on his lip as he questioned himself again over the craziness of the idea but he knew there was no backing out now… at least if he was accepted.

To be continued…

*author’s note: All screenshots for this story so far have been in a different save game to the one that will be used for the challenge.




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