Hi and welcome, I’m starting this blog to write about my sims and their adventures. This post is a preview of what I hope to acheive and what will direct my stories.

When I play sims, I like to play legacy style, however, I get bored and around gen 5 I tend to just give up and feel like I’m doing the same old thing with my sims everyday. This is an attempt to end that habit and finally acheive a 10 generation goal. To make it harder, and maybe more interesting for myself and hopefully for the readers I want to combine some elements of other interesting challenges I’ve read about while browsing around sim sites.

First and foremost, Pinstars Legacy Challenge which has dominated my playstyle since Sims 2 was a nooboo. I then discovered the BuildNewcrest challenge on Simply Vanilla Sims Blog, I had a tried a build Sunset Valley challenge at some point, so this seemed interesting and fits nicely with the legacy style play. Thirdly, I just read about the Rosebud challenge that will also combine, maybe Not so nicely, but it will put a rein on my getting bored because my sims have a huge mansion in Gen 2 and they don’t need anything new apart from the next generation.. This one means saving money, only building to give them the essentials needed for each generation and not having so many kids I feel like the old woman in the shoe.

My plans for using the challenges together

Overall, play according to Pinstar’s Rules however, my start up will be a little different, using the a combination of the Rosebud Rules and Build Newcrest rules.

My founder will be moving to an empty lot in Newcrest that he deems a suitable location for Newcrest’s new community park, he will then be forced into buying the suit of armor and an outdoor trashcan, following this he will be ruthlessly pickpocketed by the almighty creator and all his remining funds will disappear into the sim ether and he will have to fend forage for himself.

To make matters worse, he will not be permitted to find paid employment until he has $500 in his back pocket again, to pay the employment agencies fees. His choice of work is also restricted by the BN rules to  a choice of 3 careers

  • Criminal (Oracle branch)
  • Culinary (Chef branch)
  • Painter (Patron of the Arts)

He’ll be a lonley young (adult) soul too until he can at least provide and enclosed room (preferably) with a door for his spouse to live in with him, of course, he will also have to own the general nicities of life.. those (not so) little essentials.. a bathroom with at least a toilet and shower and a fridge.

My own deviations to suit my own challenge.

From Build Newcrest – once the founder has completed his first aspiration AND has enough funds the garden will be built.The family is the towns benevelolent benefactor so all houses and community lots that should be built MUST be built using household funds, therefore making the Rosebud challenge far harder to achieve (and curb my sim spending (spoiling)

From Pinstars Legacy – Each generation that has a community building goal will have to move to a new lot so their career rewards can remain on the lot.

Spouses may not work, unless their Aspiration is a job based one.

  • Public Enemy Aspiration
  • Master Chef Aspiration
  • Master Mixologist Aspiration
  • Computer Whiz Aspiration
  • Renaissance Sim Aspiration
  • Joke Star Aspiration

To read the story in the right order, use the link above to Forrest’s Legacy for a chapter index.


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I'm a sims addict from the Netherlands, happily married to my very own Dutchie, we have one cat.
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