In the beginning

Forrest’s tram journey was uneventful, he’d managed to find a discarded book to read during the travelling. It had distracted him from the thoughts that he’d never travel back this way to Willow Creek again but by now he had no doubts about his task. As the tram pulled to a halt with the familiar squeal of breaks, he laid the book aside, took a deep breath and stepped out from the exit door. As he took in his first view of Newcrest he was struck breathless by the beauty of the unspoilt town, all around him he could see nothing but empty land filled with wild flowers and crystal blue waters.


He decided to take a wander around the empty town and think carefully over which lot he would chose as first Newcrest home. Really already he was thinking of it as HOME, that surprised him just a little. There were beautiful lots with rivers next to them or canals, there was even play equipment for future children, Vivian had certainly chosen a great location for the Cause. He studied his map carefully and looked around for facilities nearby each lot, but he finally decided on the only square lot in the town, it seemed sensible for laying out a park.


Tranquil Crescent seemed the perfect place, there were makeshift public toilets nearby and places where he could grill food, he’d think about showers and beds later, his next move would be to call Vivian and arrange the purchase of the lot from her. He stood in the middle of the empty lot taking it all in, then reached decisively for his mobile and began dialling.


Very quickly the arrangements were made, the money was transferred and he’d arranged for Vivian to ship over the packing crates that contained the old armour. Now he was simoleanless he would have to get to work scavenging and fishing and hopefully he could find some seeds to plant ready for the park. He was hoping it would not take long to make the §500 he needs to sign up to the job agency, plus a bit extra for a bed and shower.


He began by searching an old log that sat by the corner of his lot, he grimaced as he put his hand in, it felt slimy, as his hand moved around he got lucky and closed his fingers round something that felt cold and wet. He pulled it out of the hole triumphantly and discovered it was a frog, it wasn’t worth a lot, around §10 but it was a start.


Next up, he found some very pretty flowers, lilies he thought as he studied the bloom carefully. He tucked those safely away and continued his trek around the neighbourhood, finding more flowers to pluck.


His belly started to rumble a little and he was quickly reminded that he would have to find food in a hurry, luckily it seemed a few curious Willow Creek residents were having a day trip to Newcrest organised by no other than the now renowned Vivian Lewis. Notably, there was also lunch. Forrest grabbed a plate and joined the group at the table to eat, finding himself introduced to a chirpy blond women, named appropriately Summer. He stayed a while enjoying the company and of course the free food but it wasn’t long before he would have to brave the … facilities… as his bladder was starting to complain.


Forrest gave himself a mental pack on the back as he entered into the unknown. Luckily he didn’t have the squeamish trait so the public convenience wasn’t a nightmare for him and as it was so close to his lot it was very convenient for him. After his little bathroom excursion, he continued scavenging the area and was lucky enough to find a big lump of ground that looked interesting, digging into it he pulled out a nugget of metal that had to be worth something.


He walked a little further, keeping his eyes peeled for more things to collect, however as he reached the other grill area he came across that lovely blond woman again and she stopped to say hello, she seemed very curious about him and asked him how his day was going.


He was happy to see her, there was something about her bright blue eyes and cheery nature that reminded him of his mother. They talked for a while about lots of things, Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–And why the sea is boiling hot–And whether pigs have wings. Well perhaps not those things, but sims do seem to talk about crazy things. He was still talking to her as it got dark and he realised he would have to return to his plot and take a lot at his spoils for the day, fingers crossed the junk cluttering up his back pocket was worth something.


He spread everything out on the grass and surveyed it, 3 frogs, a lump of rock, a strange box, a lump of metal ore and last but definitely not least, the first flowers he would plant for the garden. They weren’t in great condition, but he hoped that with some TLC he could make them perfect. He quickly sold everything via the simsethernet and netted a profit of §175. Now to get to work planting those flowers.


He knelt on the grass and began to dig a hole, unaware that someone had walked up behind him, he was about to get a shock… or surprise… as there was Summer again, almost as if she was stalking him. He almost jumped out of his skin as he stood up and found her watching him, but the plants were planted and he had time to chat while he watered the mounds of soil, Summer was so friendly, he couldn’t help enjoy her company. She did seemed concerned that he’d over watered his budding garden, waving her hands at the puddles on the grass before saying that it was time she travelled home to Willow Creek. He sighed, realising he’d miss her now he’d met her. Still there was enough to distract him for a while.


As he listened to the sound of Summer walking out of his life he checked the balance of his household funds on his telephone, relieved that the simethernet worked fast and the money was already in his account. Now it was really dark and he was feeling sleepy, all the excitement having drained his batteries but with only §175 there would be no feather bed to sleep in tonight. His eyes drifted towards a wooden bench just over the boundry of his property and he figured with a bit of luck he could catch 40 winks there, or maybe 120…


And so ends our first day in Newcrest with our humble founder sleeping like a dog on the wooden bench dreaming of what tomorrow might bring.


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