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Let me introduce you to our founder, Forrest Townsend. He was born in Willow Creek to young parents, Claudia Sorrel and Glen Townsend. Claudia had a tendency towards being a hippy and loved her garden. When Forrest was born she decided to give him a name to reflect her tree loving nature, however spelling wasn’t quite her strongest point. She also said that Forrest had curbed her wild nature a little and For rest suited him. Glen had more an adventurous nature and was often off on missions with his job as a secret agent. Only the untimely death of his wife kept him home so he could finish raising his young son. They only had one child, Glen had a son and wasn’t so interested in having a daughter and Claudia swore that one child was enough or she’d never have time for her garden. Sadly, Glen also died the day after Forrest’s young adult birthday, leaving hardly a simoleon behind for Forrest’s future, on the other hand, he had left behind a rather puzzling souvenir of his agent career, however it hadn’t puzzled Forrest enough yet to find out more about it. A rusty old suit of armour wasn’t really something you considered a mystery. It had been entrusted carefully into Glen’s care and he’d had to swear to protect it. This was the only thing Forrest was taking with him on his journey to Newcrest.



Forrest’s Traits

Forrest is an outdoors loving sim with a cheerful disposition and a good heart. He has recently acquired the aspiration to build a garden to dedicate to the memory of his parents.

Forrest’s Goal and progression information

Goal – From BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge

Generation 1 – Hungry Herbalist
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist – Build: Park

Your founding sim is just starting out and has a huge struggle ahead of them. They feel that the best way to start building a community in their new home of Newcrest is with a community park.
Choose your starting lot carefully because this lot will be turned into the local park once you have completed gen 1
You must choose the Freelance Botanist aspiration for your founding sim.
You sim may pick from any of these jobs for gen 1.
Criminal (Oracle branch)
Culinary (Chef branch)
Painter (Patron of the Arts)
You must grow at least 8 plants to perfect quality be the end of the generation.
Once your aspiration is complete, you may now build your Park! To do this sell or keep all your furniture in the family inventory. Leave the plants on the lot and evict the sim, change the lot type to park and then build (or download one) a local park for future generations to enjoy. The park must have your 8 perfect plants that your founder grew in it. You are welcome to plant more plants for the park if you want.

Succession Laws- Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge

Gender Law

Patriarchy: The Founder must be male. Only boys are eligible to be named heir unless there are no male children, at which point girls become eligible for that generation.

Bloodline Law

Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.

Heir Law

Living Will: The eligible child with the highest friendly relationship score with their previous-generation’s parent will be named heir.

My version, the eligible child will be the one with random traits most suited to carry out the next generation goal.

Species Law

Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status.

Added Complications

The Rosebud challenge will add a twist as the goal here is to reach a household value of $1,ooo,ooo simoleons.

Earning Money:
You can Collect, Fish, Mooch, Garden or play for tips (if skill is high enough).
Get to 500s §500 (Five hundred Simoleons) before getting a job. Consider it like an application fee.
Housing and spouse/move in another Sim:
Requires walls, a door and a window. Plumbing of at least one toilet and a sink. Fridge for quick meals. Sleep spot for each Sim. Would you move in with a person living on an empty lot?
Adding a Room-mate or Spouse:
Must have enclosed space as described above. Only the bathroom would require full enclosure.
Must add Room-mate via ‘Ask to Move In’ action. If you really have your eye on a special Sim in the Gallery they can be added to your population but NOT directly to your lot. You can add them to either an existing household, an empty lot (they can fend for themselves) or to the ‘Not in this World (homeless) population. This Sim cannot be played to add funds etc until added to your household.
Must add Spouse to your current lot. You may want to add as a Room-mate via ‘Ask to Move In’ action first.
You can decide if they will stay or go at that point.



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