Monday, Monday…

Monday morning dawned, bright and sunny as usual. Forrest woke up a little dazed wondering where he was but quickly remembered as the beautiful scenery of Newcrest came in to focus. He stretched feeling a little stiff from a night sleeping on the wooden bench and took the short stroll back to his lot.


He was pleased to see the packing crates that heralded the arrival of his one sentimental belonging and began to unpack them. As he assembled the suit of amour an envelope full of papers fell out and he reached for it quickly. After scanning some of the documents, he realised they were nothing more than his mothers sketches and plans for her garden, trust her to have hidden them somewhere like that. What Forrest didn’t know however was that the armour contained another hidden secret, maybe one he wouldn’t come across for years.


Forrest took a last look at the armour before banishing it to the household void. He knew it wasn’t a good idea to leave something like that out on his empty property, no matter how safe Newcrest was, and with the armour banished to the void, the secret is banished to the void too… for now. The next important task, finding breakfast.


Forrest needn’t have worried, someone else in Willow Creek had a secret too, none other than Bob Pancakes who had been surreptitiously trying out some new recipes on the Newcrest grills, today was the first time he had been caught. Forrest assured Bob that he wouldn’t tell, so long as he could help with the quality control and quickly grabbed a burger from the plate for himself. The meat was a little chewy but it was sure edible and he wasn’t going to complain over free food, certainly not with no job and only §175 in his householdfunds. As they ate, he acted as agony aunt, listening to Bob talking about his marital problems and how he’d wanted to learn to cook something other than pancakes in the hope that Eliza would be happier with him, so far he wasn’t having a lot of success, this was the first day he hadn’t set the burgers on fire. Forrests advice to Bob was that he should keep practising, in his own interests of course, as it meant that the likelihood  of free food for himself was higher. They finished their meal and Bob went back to studying his recipe book while Forrest mentally worked out his scavenging route for the day.


Forrest did his round, harvesting, digging, groping inside tree trunks, nothing escaped his ruthless hands until he could find nothing more to scavenge. On returning home, he sorted his loot, frogs, plants, this time some strawberries and mushrooms to add to his collection, he set out two of each new species to plant and got to work digging. Once the plants were in the ground he arranged the sale of the other things. Today he hit pay dirt with a gem that brought him §160 and he hit his goal of getting §500. As he watered the plants he thought over what he should do with the money, would he call the agency for a job, or buy a shower. He already felt a little less than fresh around the edges. He was tired to he decided to nap on it. When he woke up, the cloud of green fog surrounding him and the onslaught on his nose made the decision for him. He didn’t want Summer to smell him like this for all that she was a cheerful and not much could spoil her mood, he was sure that she wouldn’t want to come closer and he sure wanted her to.


He quickly ordered a portable shower kit from the simsethernet before he could change his mind and watched the simoleans fly out of his householdfunds, now he had only slightly more than yesterday, §255. The silver lining was that he would at least be able to get cleaner. He set the shower up on the grass next to his plants, hoping he wouldn’t offend too many passers by with his nakedness and wondering if he could justify the purchase of it by using it to help water his plants too.


As he scrubbed himself clean under the running water, he started thinking more about Summer, just saying her name in his head made him want to burst into song and before he knew it a very untuneful “we’re all goin’ on a …  ” started falling from his mouth. He shook himself and decided that wasn’t exactly an appropriate song for her. He knew she was cheerful, but what else made her so bouncy and jovial around the neighbourhood. He decided to make an effort to talk to at every opportunity he got. After his shower, Forrest was exhausted, he could barely drag himself to the bench.


As he curled up to sleep under the stars for another night his head was filled with images of his beautiful blonde and he dreamed sweetly as the sun set on another day in Newcrest. He wanted to be up bright and early tomorrow for another round of gathering, planting and scrounging free breakfast.


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