Everything’s Coming up Lilies


Tuesday dawned bright and sunny and woke Forrest with the warmth of the sun. He stretched and made his way to the facilities. Even though he’d spent the night on the bench again he was feeling pretty good this morning and started early with his scavenging round. Today there were apples for the picking, the flowers had bloomed again and the frogs had bred overnight, by the time he got home again he’d already found enough things to bring his householdsfunds above that precious §500. Today was the day he would call about a job. As he reached the lot he saw that the mailbox indicated that something had been delivered and he sure hoped it wasn’t bills already. Forrest was in luck, the day before he’d found a chunk of metal that wasn’t worth a a lot in simoleans but there was something about it that appealed to him. He’d thought it over before selling and decided this time he’d send that little piece off to the geo council and have it extracted, it would be his good luck charm. Today it had arrived back to him all nicely sealed in a plastic cube to protect it. As he held it to the light, it sure looked pretty and still he had the rare feeling it was lucky.


He placed the plastic chunk in the middle of his garden and set to work watering, for some reason he felt he could really focus in on what he was doing with that metal chunk next to him. Watering went well and it seemed that his new plants were thriving, he’d even found apples to plant today. It wasn’t long before his belly started to rumble and he made his way to the grill site hoping someone would be cooking a meal. Another lucky strike, there was Bob, this time trying his hand at hotdogs and they smelled good. He’d just sat down and picked up a plate when Summer showed up and sat beside him. That put a huge smile on his face as she greeted him warmly. Bob seemed to like Summer too and didn’t mind that she’d also caught him out on his cooking practice, it seemed everyone liked Summer.


They ate and chatted companionably with the water gently rippling behind them, the sun sparkling off it, Forrest felt almost as if he had reached the simbeyond with the beauty of Summer sitting beside him, today he’d found out that she was not only a cheerful sim but outgoing and active, she was beginning to look like the perfect lady to share his life, not only that, he’d realised he was quite smitten by her. When they talked it was like her smile lit up his world and her laugh, a symphony to his ears. Today she’d given him her telephone number and told him that she found him a good friend. That was nice, but he was hoping for more, for now it was enough. Forrest knew before he could move much further with Summer he would have to have 4 walls and at least something that resembled a home for her, they couldn’t both sleep on the bench outside his plot together after all.


When Forrest returned to his plot, the first thing he did was take out his telephone and call the number Vivian had given him where he could maybe find work. He knew he would have to give up most of his householdfunds to register with the agency but hopefully it would be worth it. They took his details and his money, asked him a few questions about his previous work and said they would get back to him if they had something to offer him. To poor Forrest it didn’t sound too hopeful, §500 simoleons less and no firm job offer. Oh well, all he could do was keep his finger crossed and go tend to his garden again.


While he was tending the garden, Forrest was startled by the sudden trilling of the phone from his packet, he hadn’t expected a call so quickly. He answered and to his surprise it was the women from the agency telling him they had found a job for him. It wasn’t much, but there was a chance to study and work his way up the ladder. He would be cleaning paint pallets for a local artist group. He laughed, it wasn’t much a step up from sweeping museum floors, but it was a steady income, albeit a low one. He gratefully accepted the offer and was surprised to hear that since he had accepted a job offer, he would receive his deposit back. Wow, Forrest hadn’t expected that, but sure enough when he checked, his householdfunds were §500 richer again.


Forrest was so happy that he decided to go for a walk around the neighbourhood, this time just to get to know it better and not search for things to sell, that could wait till tomorrow. He was in emergency need for some amusement so he stopped by the pirate ship to play sea monster for sweet looking little girl that was there with her mother. They had a wonderful time and it reminded Forrest of why he was putting himself through all this hardship, a new town for the future and there was the future staring him in the face from the eyes of the little girl. Forrest was pretty tired by the time they were done with their game, he’d jumped up at least 20 times and made the little girl laugh. He was too tired to be bothered making the journey home so he curled up on the next bench he found and tried to get some rest before he started work the next day.


And so ended Tuesday, Forrest curled up asleep about as far from his lot as he could be, dreaming about sweeping paint off museum floors.


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