It’s Friday, I’m in Love


Friday morning arrived right on schedule and Forrest woke up, grabbing a bowl of cereal from the cooler. He ate quickly and surveyed his domain. So far he was feeling good about himself and what he’d achieved. His plants were thriving, his skill in gardening was increasing rapidly and work was going ok, no promotion yet, but still, it was a regular wage and tomorrow was weekend.


He showered, inspiring himself by singing a little ditty, “Lavenders blue,dilly, dilly,Lavender green, When I am king, dilly, dilly, You shall be queen”. There should be no doubt as to who will be his queen. He left for work in a great mood and spent the day cleaning palettes, unfortunately someone knocked over a bottle of turpentine as they hurried off with a drying canvas and by the end of the day Forrest was feeling rather dazed. He was almost sure he’d been mopping the ceiling by the at the end of his shift. All he wanted to do when he came home was take a nap, but that wasn’t to be. There was the garden to be tended and amazingly, Summer texted him to say sorry she couldn’t make it over the night before but she had a free evening and would happily visit now if he wanted. He didn’t hesitate in saying yes and suddenly there she was, right on his lawn.

He gave her a big hug, just to let her know how pleased he was to see her, she seemed happy to accept, but of course, she did consider him a friend now. He wondered if tonight was the night he could move things further. She felt so good in his arms and she smelt as good as she looked. He knew that he would be at least grateful for this moment if nothing else.
They been talking for hours as he slid his way a little closer, taking her hand in his and she didn’t back away. He’d been explaining his plans for the garden and telling her how the plants had grown so well and she’d answered with a flippant “It’s not surprising that the plants are doing so well with your tender hands”. Maybe this was his moment?
His courage failed him and instead of putting an arm around her as he’d planned, he decided to keep it light now and tickled her, her laugh was so beautiful it was worth it. They continued talking as the stars shone down on them and it was clear that Summer was in a playful mood. Eventually he used this to his advantage and telling to look up at a constellation to distract her, he reached his arm round her and…
She didn’t back away.
It was like all the magic in simsworld happened at once and she was wrapped in his arm, his heart beat faster and faster and he couldn’t help but gaze deeply into her big blue eyes, nothing could spoil this moment. Eventually he pulled away and blew her a big kiss while he admired the moonlight shimmering on her blond hair, it was like an angel had fallen out of the sky and was slowly becoming his very own angel.
He couldn’t let this luck pass him by, gently he took her hand and asked her to walk with to the river. She obliged, giggling a little while she followed him, Summer herself was feeling rather giddy with emotion.
As they reached the river, Forrest stopped her, just at the waters edge, pointing out to her how the moonlight seemed to dance on the streaming water, it was so enchanting and he felt it was the perfect moment for…
Their very first kiss. It was all he’d dreamed of his, as his lips met hers he could hear the river rushing by and the soft sweetness of her lips against his was unmissable. He could almost hear angels sighing. Summer didn’t seem surprised by the kiss, in fact she seemed happy that he’d done it. He could barely resist blurting out those 3 little words and maybe scaring her away. Instead he fiddled in his back pocket and found the paper rose he’d snaffled from work today and gently handed it to her.
He laughed and told her that he’d harvested all his flowers or she’d have had a snapdragon instead. Summer accepted it and giggled as she held it to her  nose, pretending to smell it. Forrest was grateful that it didn’t stink of the turpentine that had made him feel so bad at work.
Sadly it had become really late and Summer said she’d have to leave. Forrest glanced down gloomily but brightened up quick when Summer said she had time to see him tomorrow afternoon. “It’s a date!” he answered and gave her another kiss goodbye. His dreams were filled with Summer again this night.

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