Toil the days away

When Forrest woke up on Wednesday morning he was still tired, but he managed to remember that he had to work today. Although he hadn’t slept too well he was still looking forward to his first day back at a real job. Order of the day, find food, shower, get to work, tend plants. It was too early in the morning for anyone to be practising their grilling skills today, he looked around in hope for Bob but he was nowhere to be seen. There was nothing for it but to cook his own breakfast.


Forrest threw some of the left over apples he’d harvested on to the hot coals, it seemed he needed simoleons even to make the grill work, there went another §10. It wasn’t so important, it was a work day so he’d be coming home with a pay-packet. His shower had put him in a good mood, not only for cooking but for work, he hoped he would do well today.


As he ate, Forrest thought more about the day and how he’d fit work around his garden and managing to convince Summer that he was the man for her. He’d cross those bridges later, he knew that first and foremost he had to get those plants into good shape but he was already past the first mile stone of his aspiration. He started to wonder what was in the drawings his mother had hidden and if they could help him but for now he had no time to look at them.


He only had time to stop by one rock on the way to work, sadly it didn’t give up anything interesting. He was whistling as he left his lot for his first work day, barely a simoleon to  his name but he was still a happy man. The day passed quickly and he worked harder than he ever had before, hoping he’d manage to get a foot up that ladder soon. He arrived home with his pay in his in pocket, §168 simoleons, he decided that he would buy himself something more comfortable than a park bench to sleep on, his back was aching at work. He’d also been told that if he could learn to paint, he’d have a far better chance of promotion so very bravely he added an easel to his simethernet order, leaving him with only §38 to “play” with.


He blew up the bed and threw the covers on then proceeded to put together the easel, it was harder than it looked, but finally he had it. Now to get work on the garden. He admired his little metal piece again as he wandered about watering the plants and checking their condition, he was amazed that that little box could make him feel so focused as he went about the work. He even felt so capable now that he could fertilise the plants to make them grow better. He decided to save all the mushrooms after he harvested the plants and use those.


When he was done, Forrest was way too exhausted to do anything else but fall in an worn out heap into his new bed. What bliss, even though it was still under the stars he really felt like he was sleeping on air, the only regret of his day was that he hadn’t had time to call Summer and ask her over. He’d wanted to show her how pretty his lilies and snapdragons were now they’d bloomed. No matter, tomorrow was another day.


Forrest woke up feeling much better on Thursday, the exhaustion having dissipated with a great night’s sleep on his new airbed. He cooked himself another grilled fruit breakfast then took a few moments to appreciate the beauty around him. Laying on the grass in his pyjamas her started up at the blue blue sky watching the clouds go by and trying to picture his future in them. Suddenly he realised he was nearly late for work and as he’d not  had time for any painting practice the evening before he’d better run for it.


The plants needed watering as he arrived home, they were also ready to be harvested. When he was done he emptied his back pocket into the simethernet again, only holding on the mushrooms as he had plans for those. With the sale of his harvest and the few things he’d managed to collect in the last days his householdfunds rose above §1000 for for the first time. He decided that losing §10 to the grill every morning for a plate of food he couldn’t finish was silly and decided to splurge on a cheap cool box. Free cereal every morning was better than nothing. With that done, he set about getting his plants fertilised, shaking bits of the mushrooms into the soil around each plant. It took longer than he had expected but finally it was done and the plants looked much better for it. They were ready to be evolved and luckily with the magic metal making him feel so good with his garden, he knew exactly how to do it, pull a bit here, pull a bit there, whisper a magic word or two and pizazz…


The plants seemed to change before his eyes, giving off an almost eerie magic glow, no wonder his mother was so enthusiastic about the pleasure gardening brought her. When he was done, Forrest realised he was already nearly half way through his 2nd aspiration milestone although far from his ultimate goal. His mood was jubilant so he decided to call Summer even though he’d picked all the lilies he’d wanted to show her. She was busy working and couldn’t come over so Forrest sadly headed for his bed, not in the mood to bother with the easel now he couldn’t see his muse.



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