I Just Called…

Forrest had lots of plans for Sunday, garden, find out what that mysterious surprise was and then to paint. Seeing Summer wasn’t on the list as he knew she had to work again but after yesterday he didn’t mind he would call her later. So to begin, he dragged the surprise item out of his householdvoid and set it out on the lawn. Studying it carefully, he decided that while it was a nice piece of work he had nowhere to put it and as it was worth round about §200 it was better to sell it and use the money to buy a wall for his house or something. Oddly enough, he felt a little flirty after studying the artwork.


That just might have been worth keeping it for, but no.. he needed every simoleon he could get just now and so it had to go. With the §196 in his householdfunds he felt a little better and decided to get to grips with the easel. He looked at the blank white canvas and thought of Summer, his heart beating a little faster and with a sigh, he got to work on a painting that suited his mood.. flirty. It wasn’t going to be his best work, but the end result was kinda sweet. He decided to risk keeping it and left it to dry while he tended his plants.


With his flirty mood over now that he saw how badly his skills needed improving, he decided it was time to make a serious attempt at a classical artwork. He set the brush to canvas once more and thought hard about Llama’s, why Llama’s he didn’t know but that was what he decided to paint. The only problem was he still had pink paint from the flirty painting left over on his easel and it turned into a rather pink Llama.

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Oh well, it did sell for more than he’d paid for the canvas, it was a start. The hunger pangs got to him as he cleaned the brushes and so he went to see if anyone was cooking again. He was just in time to see Summer leaving the grills, rushing off to work. He was a bit disappointed that she hadn’t called to see him but she told him she’d rushed over to make him dinner and hadn’t had time and that now he was here, he’d better eat the meal she’d left before it was cold. He waved her off and grabbed a plate and a seat with the girls at the picnic table. While it felt good to be surrounded by women for a change he’d have exchanged them all for a few more minutes with Summer by his side.


The food was good, though he hadn’t expected anything less from his angel and he couldn’t wait to provide a kitchen for her in his own house. He spent the afternoon gathering what he could from the neighbourhood again and by the time he got home and sold it all, he had exactly §3106 in his householdfunds, he was doing well. The only problem was, it was Monday tomorrow and he had a horrible suspicion that the bills would arrive. Bills were something he was dreading, he had no idea really how much life cost in Newcrest but he tried to calm himself, seeing as he was living on empty lot with barely any possessions they couldn’t be too high. He’d worry about that tomorrow especially after he saw something much more worrying while he was working on his garden.


There was Mrs  Bella Goth in a startling evening gown, but what was even more startling, she’d been walking calmly along the pavement until she noticed Forrest. At this point, she stopped dead, turned her back, pulled out her telephone and started talking excitedly into it. Forrest had no idea what that meant but a foreboding feeling told him that it could never be good. He’d heard the rumours before leaving Willow Creek that Bella had been seen in company of a notorious crime boss and not so innocently either. In less polite terms, Bella had been seen cavorting rather naked in the back of Mr Crime bosses rather swanky Mercimdes. He only hoped that she wasn’t reporting on him, that could mean trouble for Newcrest.


“I just called to say I love you” said Forrest as Summer answered her phone. As they hadn’t had time to spend together today, a phone call would have to be enough. He told her about his feeble attempts at painting and heard her tinkly laugh on the other end of the line, that made him feel a bit better. After he’d calmed his nerves enough he told Summer about Bella and what he’d seen but Summer told him not to worry too much and that he should be safe in Newcrest. Talking to Summer had lifted his spirits so much that before sleeping, he even managed to complete another painting and with that, his task for work. He’d even gained a painting skill level much to his surprise. He gave Summer the credit for giving him all the inspiration. Now it was time to get his head down and get some sleep. Monday morning meant work and maybe even bills. He didn’t sleep so peacefully this time, he started dreaming about that strange plant again and Bella taking the cake, he woke up before he saw what happened next but it was already quite an alarming dream… those teeth… the cow plant’s, not Bella’s.




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