Just Another Day


Forrest arrived home from work to find good news, a promotion to art book collator, and bad news  his mail box full. He gingerly took the envelope from the box and opened it. He was relieved to see that his bill were no where near extortionate, in fact they were the least he’d ever had. He paid the §214 quickly before he had time to think about it and decided that as Summer was working again he would go and explore the rest of Newcrest. He was hoping to find some new plant varieties to add to his garden.


First he headed up towards the lots that were by the canal, it had intrigued him since he moved here. He was considering that area as the place for his next home, even if that was a long way in the future. When he arrived it seemed like there was nothing there, but after wandering a while he spotted some logs to gather frogs in and some nodes to excavate. After that he started looking for plants.


Sure enough he found a couple but they weren’t ready for harvesting yet and as he wasn’t skilled enough to take a cutting, those would have to wait. He jotted down the locations of the rosebush and the onion plant  in his notebook for later and continued exploring. He found a great pond that seemed to be teaming with fish, just behind the biggest plot in the area. Now that would make a good home for later, he was sure. Forrest had considered fishing as a means for fertilizer for his plants but so far he hadn’t had time to give it a go, maybe a new hobby for later when he could retire, painting was going to keep him busy for now along with his garden and Summer he had no time left over.


As he was looking at the pond, he realised it was already getting dark and he’d have to hurry if he wanted to scout out the third area. He set off walking and soon arrived. Here he found a potato plant and some more frogs, but nothing was ready to harvest. He ran round looking over the area and thought it would make a great area for the community lots to be built, marking down the plot locations and sketching out his ideas, the gym on the biggest, then there’d be room for a pool, the Library needed quite a bit of space too, and the bar and lounge could nicely fit in the middle, but that was for later and the heirs that had those goals may have other ideas. He laughed at his own absurdity, he didn’t even have a house yet, let alone an heir.


He was beginning to feel tired again, the moon was full in the sky and even though he hadn’t realised it yet, he was beginning to stink almost as much as before he’d owned a shower. He’d best get home or he wouldn’t have time for a good nights sleep and after the night before, that was needed.


Forrest was filthy when he arrived home, it wasn’t just the stink cloud this time that was screaming shower at him, but his clothes were covered in mud from all his digging around for plants and things. He was also exhausted so a long shower was out of the question and the worst thing, it was too late to call Summer, she’d have gone to bed. He mentally kicked himself for getting distracted and staying out so late as he headed to the shower to wash the worst of the grime off himself before sleeping. Oh, and he just had the time to send all his finds to the simsethernet and rake in a few more simoleons, he was way too tired to bother with how much it was. Tomorrow he’d stay home after work and paint, he swore. He slept deeply that night and the cow plant menace stayed out of his dreams, that was at least a blessing.


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