Saturday Sublime


As Forrest ate breakfast on Saturday morning his belly was filled not only with cereal but fluttery butterflies. He had a date later with the girl of his dreams and he could barely contain his excitement. First of course he had to see to the garden. As you can see, his plants were doing wonderfully, apple boughs filled with fruit, flower blooms waiting to catch the butterflies, if they only got loose from their belly cage and mushrooms poking their merry heads out in the sun. Forrest eyed the easel, knowing he still had to get painting, but first he had an idea as a he pulled an old canvas out of his back pocket.


Before he could begin however, he heard a familiar voice calling to him from the pavement. Embarrassed that she’d caught him in his pyjamas he hurried over anyway. Vivian was just stopping by to see how he was doing and to ask if he needed anything. Of course he did, a house, dammit, but he knew he couldn’t ask her for that. He told her he was doing just fine and brought her up to speed about his new job, neglecting so far to mention Summer as it was still too early days for all that, though it was looking hopeful. Vivian admired his plants, pleased to see how well they were doing and then told him it was time she was leaving as she was sure he had better things to do than chat with an old lady. Much as he politely disagreed, inwardly he was glad that she was so tactful and hadn’t called attention to his nightly attire either. He admired this wonderful lady so much, she was relatively rich, rather posh, and yet she never looked down on anyone and always seemed to know how to make people feel at ease. She was another reason he was glad he’d decided to brave this opportunity and he didn’t want to fail her.


Forrest picked up the canvas he’d hurriedly discarded earlier and set it in place on the easel. He pulled an ink pen out of his back pocket and began to sketch up his ideas and a few calculations. … If I put this here and build a wall there.. then maybe that will fit there and this .. he smudged it a little in annoyance as it still didn’t seem to work out, but he continued adding another calculation or two and realising that no , he still didn’t have enough in his householdfunds to build it, but the house in his head was taking shape on the canvas.


Soon he was done and though it didn’t look like much more than a few squiggles here and there, he did feel he’d made progress and it sure gave him something to focus on to remind him why he was working so hard, not only at work, but also on the plants. He needed the money to build what was on the picture so he could ask someone to be his wife and he dearly hoped that someone would be … altogether now… “Summer Holiday”…


Right on cue, just as he’d harvested the last plant and sent all the harvest off to the simethernet, Summer arrived, looking as usual as bright as a Summer’s day. He gestured to the bed and sat next to her, quickly getting close for a cuddle, he had missed her so much and it seemed she had too as she eagerly leaned against him and reciprocated. He asked her about her day and she told him she was pretty tense, she hated her job and it left her with aching muscles from picking up all the heavy pans and things to wash. Forrest couldn’t help himself from reaching out and massaging her shoulders and while he felt it was pretty cheesy, she did seem to appreciate it.


Summer got up after his massage and stretched, before he knew what he was doing, Forrest had swept her into his arms and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, almost knocking her over in his exuberance. His skill in planting had obviously gotten him somewhere as the kiss blossomed and he barely wanted to let her go again, however, he had other plans for the day than to just stay here making out like a pair of teenagers. He reluctantly broke off the kiss and took her hand.


Forrest wanted this to be the day he told Summer how he felt about her, and while he wasn’t ready to propose marriage.. well, he was.. but of course, the lack of a house put a damper on that for now, he was ready to ask her to be his girlfriend. He led her down to the benches that looked over a beautiful waterfall, it was one of the prettiest spots he’d found in Newcrest so far. When they reached the spot, Forrest told her to wait a moment as he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and smoothed it out. He took a deep breath and began to read..

When darkness falls and we’re apart
Can love heal this lonely heart
I love you dearly that I do
Sleep is good when dreaming of you
With all my love I give to you
You are so sweet I know not how I’m with you.

Not much of a poet our Forrest, but still, he tried, that’s what trying to write poetry with a head dizzy from turpentine fumes does to you. Summer seemed to like it anyway because when he popped the question.. no not THAT question…. Summer agreed to become  his girlfriend. And Forrest jumped so much for joy that he could have broken a high jump record.


Photo’s had to be taken to mark the special event and as Forrest waved his telephone round rather clumsily trying to do it, he couldn’t stop a smug grin distorting his mouth. I would have rather thought he would be grinning with happiness, but I have evidence to the contrary… and here it is Forrest..


The resulting photos were put safely into their back pockets, Summer said hers was going on her night stand, but Forrest replied that he’d have to wait for a wall to hang his on. They spent the rest of the date sitting watching the waterfall and talking about the future. Forrest explained to Summer that he couldn’t ask her to move in with him until he had at least something resembling a house and Summer agreed, saying she wouldn’t move in with anyway yet, first, she wanted to get to know him better and second, while she didn’t have the materialistic trait, she was accustomed to a little more luxury than he could offer her just now. Happy with the status quo between them, they ended the perfect date with a little cloud gazing.


They watched as the sun went down and the first pin pricks of star light appeared when Summer remembered she was due for a late shift at work so she hurried off, giving him a hasty kiss goodbye. Forrest ate a lonely but free dinner of hamburgers reminiscing on the day. He’d earned a gold medal for his dating prowess and he knew there was something special in his householdvoid waiting for him to get home and examine it.


Saturday was in Forrest’s eyes the best day he’d had in Newcrest but now it was coming to an end and tomorrow would be here sooner than he liked. That meant sleeping, but sleeping meant dreaming and hopefully dreams of his wonderful Summer.

*Authors note: Credit for the poem goes to Michael Lish and I found it on this site. If you read the first word of every line you see a whole other side to this poem and I’m sure it’s a question Forrest is asking himself right now.


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