Not just another day

Tuesday rolled around, it wasn’t much of a day, Forrest did however…


…buy his very own toilet to spare him the race to the “facilities” and back before work in the morning.


…do  little painting


…evolve some plants


… and call Summer to say he missed her and was working hard on their future and promptly went to sleep.

Wednesday however, that was a whole other story. When Forrest woke up, he discovered bugs on some of plants and didn’t have time to take care of that before work.


As he took his morning shower he felt something come loose and the shower started spraying water everywhere, he didn’t have time to fix that either.


He left for work feeling pretty awful, he hadn’t even had time to clean up the stinky breakfast bowl from his lawn and his painting had remained unfinished due to his tiredness. His despondency dogged his work day too and so he didn’t make much progress there. By the time he came home he was so fed up that he decided to call his boss and ask if he could have Thursday free. His boss agreed, which lifted Forrest’s gloom just a little, enough so that he could tend to his buggy plants and attempt to fix his shower.


It seemed that Forrest had a bit of luck, his plants hadn’t suffered too much from the bugs and as he sprayed them he began to feel a little better, looking forward to a good day on Thursday  now he had arranged a little R’n’R. He hoped the shower wouldn’t be too hard to fix.


Summer texted him while he was busy banging on the shower, trying to get the pipe back where it belonged, and told him she’d be there in a few minutes. She arrived while he was still working and as she watched through the curtain he told her about his awful day.

When he was done fixing the shower to the best of his ability and the water finally stopped pouring out of it Summer was ready for him with a big comfort hug. She wrapped her arms round him tightly and assured him that things could only get better.


Forrest felt like the luckiest man alive as he wrapped her up in his arms. She always knew what to say to make him feel better. As they talked, he harvested his plants and made his sale, he was surprised to see his householdfunds had finally made it to just over §5000. Now he felt ecstatic, that was enough to cover the cost of the plans he’d made in his sketch. Thursday was something to look forward to. The only thing he didn’t do was tell Summer, this was going to be a big surprise for her. Summer stayed until it was time for her work shift to begin. Forrest tried hard to get to sleep but he was way too excited for the morning. Finally he managed to close his eyes and drift off into his dreams.


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