A home at last

As soon as Forrest woke up on Thursday morning he made some calls and arranged for the things he needed to be delivered. He ignored the assault on his householdfunds as he knew this step was necessary for the progression of his life and the Newcrest Cause. Once his delivery arrived He got hard to work and it wasn’t long before this appeared on his lawn.


A tiny little wood cabin. What was more important was inside the cabin was a small kitchen, a whole room just for the shower and toilet a brand new bed and a tiny TV to help keep Forrest amused after work, not that he wanted to use that much.

After packing away his portable things, he hadn’t sold those as he had a feeling they may come in useful, he moved his plants into better positions around the cabin. Now he was almost ready to call Summer and show her the surprise.


He took one last look, just to make sure he met all the requirements. He had a fridge.. check… an enclosed space… check and all the plumbing requirements. The home was ready, even if it was small. He really felt like he was moving forward at last. Only one last thing to do, call Summer and tell her he had something to show her.


When Summer arrived, she was amazed to see what he’d done and couldn’t help but fling her arms round him in happiness. She hated leaving him alone on his lot at nights and had wished hard that it wouldn’t be long until she could move in with him there. She didn’t realise her wish would come true so fast, but now it had she was ready.

Forrest wasted no time in asking her to move in with him and Summer accepted even before he got the question out of his mouth. Forrest had yet another surprise for her, but that would come later. For now, it was just a question of settling in together. The first thing Summer did was give up her awful job in Willow Creek and Forrest told her that she didn’t need to find another. Summer’s aspiration was to be “Friend of the world” and that was surely a good talent to put to use when you were starting a community. Forrest felt sure that she could do more by fulfilling her aspiration than slaving her days away in a kitchen.


They spent the afternoon getting used to the new house together, Forrest tried to watch TV but he was continually distracted by the unbelievable sight of Summer cooking in the tiny kitchen. He couldn’t believe she was really here living with him. When Summer had finished making lunch and they’d filled their bellies, he asked her to take a walk with him. He wanted to show her Newcrest through his eyes and talk about the future plans. Or at least that’s what he told her.


Instead, Forrest led Summer to a quiet corner and suddenly dropped to one knee. As the sun began to set behind them he took out the ring that had been on his purchase list this very morning and opened the box.

“Summer, you make me feel like the happiest man on simearth and the only way I could be happier is if you would do me the honour of being my wife”

Summer looked shocked, but as she held her hand out to take the ring, she gave him his answer.

“Forrest, I never dreamed I’d someone so sweet as you and it would be my dream come true to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Forrest slipped the ring on to her finger and Summer admired it. It was only small, but it meant the world to her. She knew their wedding wouldn’t be huge but she was already looking forward to the day she would become Summer Townsend.



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