Who is Calli?

Hi, I guess you are reading this page because you are interested in knowing more about me. I’ve been a simmer since sims 1, though I didn’t jump on the sims 1 bandwagon until the last expansion, Making Magic was already released. I’d heard of the sims before this but didn’t think it was a game I’d be interested in. Oh how wrong I was….

My love affair with the sims started when I was pregnant with my last child and I was bored and miserable, pregnancy never did me good but the end results were always worth it.. anyway, I digress.. in order to cheer me up a bit and give me something to take my mind off the back pain my then husband found me a copy of The Sims in a bargain bin and brought it home. From the moment I was introduced to Bob and Betty Newbie and saw Bella Goth sauntering up their front path I was hooked. Later I just had to get all the expansions because there was so much custom content to make the game more interesting that needed this pack or that pack. It was in the box for Making Magic that I found out Sims 2 would arrive soon™  and I could hardly contain my excitement, I knew I would be buying it.

My first introduction to sims stories was a story I read, now hosted I believe on Inge Jones site called CaliforniaSimmin‘. It was incrediable how moved I could feel over stories about sims, but it wasn’t so much the sims but how much went into the story in each episode.

When Sims 2 was released, it took my simming to a whole new dimension, I discovered Pinstars Legacy Challenge pretty early into my Sims 2 gameplay and I find it hard to play the game any other way now. There was so much in the Sim 2, I had all the expansions and as much extra content as was available and I tried to play and write stories, I guess if I were a sim I’d have the Best Selling Author Aspiration coupled with the creative trait, the perfectionist trait and the gloomy trait. I enjoyed Sim 3, but it didn’t feel the same to me, it seemed like it was trying to be more real in some ways than the cartoonyness and goofiness of Sims 2 and while I looked forward to expansion after expansion it somehow always felt empty and buggy. Sims 4 is also by a long straw not perfect but in it’s defense it feels like Sims 2 with the cartoony aspect but the prettiness and graphical content is much superior and it seems with each expansion things are being added that really brings good things into the game and my love of the Sims is rekindled. I’ve had a wish pinned for years now… that is to have a blog and write a legacy story than can move people to tears, cause hysteria cl laughter, outbursts of rage as favourite characters meet untimely ends and generally entertain people enough that they stay a while to enjoy a few moments of escape from reality. I also have a wish to write a real best seller, but that’s a whole other story.