Meet our Founder



Let me introduce you to our founder, Forrest Townsend. He was born in Willow Creek to young parents, Claudia Sorrel and Glen Townsend. Claudia had a tendency towards being a hippy and loved her garden. When Forrest was born she decided to give him a name to reflect her tree loving nature, however spelling wasn’t quite her strongest point. She also said that Forrest had curbed her wild nature a little and For rest suited him. Glen had more an adventurous nature and was often off on missions with his job as a secret agent. Only the untimely death of his wife kept him home so he could finish raising his young son. They only had one child, Glen had a son and wasn’t so interested in having a daughter and Claudia swore that one child was enough or she’d never have time for her garden. Sadly, Glen also died the day after Forrest’s young adult birthday, leaving hardly a simoleon behind for Forrest’s future, on the other hand, he had left behind a rather puzzling souvenir of his agent career, however it hadn’t puzzled Forrest enough yet to find out more about it. A rusty old suit of armour wasn’t really something you considered a mystery. It had been entrusted carefully into Glen’s care and he’d had to swear to protect it. This was the only thing Forrest was taking with him on his journey to Newcrest.



Forrest’s Traits

Forrest is an outdoors loving sim with a cheerful disposition and a good heart. He has recently acquired the aspiration to build a garden to dedicate to the memory of his parents.

Forrest’s Goal and progression information

Goal – From BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge

Generation 1 – Hungry Herbalist
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist – Build: Park

Your founding sim is just starting out and has a huge struggle ahead of them. They feel that the best way to start building a community in their new home of Newcrest is with a community park.
Choose your starting lot carefully because this lot will be turned into the local park once you have completed gen 1
You must choose the Freelance Botanist aspiration for your founding sim.
You sim may pick from any of these jobs for gen 1.
Criminal (Oracle branch)
Culinary (Chef branch)
Painter (Patron of the Arts)
You must grow at least 8 plants to perfect quality be the end of the generation.
Once your aspiration is complete, you may now build your Park! To do this sell or keep all your furniture in the family inventory. Leave the plants on the lot and evict the sim, change the lot type to park and then build (or download one) a local park for future generations to enjoy. The park must have your 8 perfect plants that your founder grew in it. You are welcome to plant more plants for the park if you want.

Succession Laws- Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge

Gender Law

Patriarchy: The Founder must be male. Only boys are eligible to be named heir unless there are no male children, at which point girls become eligible for that generation.

Bloodline Law

Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.

Heir Law

Living Will: The eligible child with the highest friendly relationship score with their previous-generation’s parent will be named heir.

My version, the eligible child will be the one with random traits most suited to carry out the next generation goal.

Species Law

Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status.

Added Complications

The Rosebud challenge will add a twist as the goal here is to reach a household value of $1,ooo,ooo simoleons.

Earning Money:
You can Collect, Fish, Mooch, Garden or play for tips (if skill is high enough).
Get to 500s §500 (Five hundred Simoleons) before getting a job. Consider it like an application fee.
Housing and spouse/move in another Sim:
Requires walls, a door and a window. Plumbing of at least one toilet and a sink. Fridge for quick meals. Sleep spot for each Sim. Would you move in with a person living on an empty lot?
Adding a Room-mate or Spouse:
Must have enclosed space as described above. Only the bathroom would require full enclosure.
Must add Room-mate via ‘Ask to Move In’ action. If you really have your eye on a special Sim in the Gallery they can be added to your population but NOT directly to your lot. You can add them to either an existing household, an empty lot (they can fend for themselves) or to the ‘Not in this World (homeless) population. This Sim cannot be played to add funds etc until added to your household.
Must add Spouse to your current lot. You may want to add as a Room-mate via ‘Ask to Move In’ action first.
You can decide if they will stay or go at that point.


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Time to go!


Forrest sat … alone.. eating his evening meal. He was staring out of the window, watching the third police car of the day drive by and daydreaming over what might become of his future when he was suddenly startled by the mobile vibrating in his pocket. He reached for it quickly to silence the urgent ring tone and answered with a cheery hello. On the  other end of the line he heard that now familiar voice greeting him. Vivian sounded quite upbeat as she told him her decision. She’d had his police record checked and was pleased to find out it was clean, the museum had given a  glowing response to her request for a referernce. With that taken into consideration she had decided to accept him as her town founder. Forrest could hardly contain his excitement as she further outlined the details. He was to sell his belongings, a tram ticket to Newcrest would arrive in the post in the next week and he was to choose for himself the lot that would become his home for the next few years and be turned into Newcrest’s first community lot. She also agreed with his choice and had the faith in him that he was capable of providing a beautiful park for Newcrest. She’d researched his past and discovered that she had attended the same school as his mother and remembered the pretty women and her spirit of freedom and felt sure that a memorial in her honour in Newcrest was a fitting tribute. As Forrest expressed his gratitude and hung up the call, the enormity of what he had to do filled him.


Forrest cleared away the remains of dinner and sat again in front of the TV, the nights news helped to reinforce his thoughts on moving away and starting again. He watched the report of the children’s play equipment in the park being vandalised and put his head in his hands. Hoping beyond hope that what he would start in Newcrest would help the situation back here. He stayed in front of the TV the whole evening, he tried to watch some sport but it bored him, the cooking channel couldn’t provide him with much amusement either and all the comedians just sound flat to his ears and their choice language didn’t impress him much. Maybe it was the tension from knowing he’d be leaving in a few days, or that he knew tomorrow he had so much to organise, but he just couldn’t settle.


He slept fitfully, waking once or twice in alarm then reminding himself that he wouldn’t have a bed to sleep in for much longer and he’d better make the most of it. Tomorrow he had to hand in his notice at work and arrange the sale of his things. Finally he managed to sleep, dreaming of the strangest things, most notably the weird plant that looked like a cow that couldn’t possibly be real, thankfully, as it seemed to enjoy baiting sims with a cake and eating them when they tried to take it.


The following morning, Forrest psyched himself up in front of the mirror, reminding himself that his father would totally approve of this leap into the unknown and his mother would rejoice that her only son had finally accepted that there was a place on simearth for nature, and especially that he would continue the dream that she had been unable to make a reality. He knew they would be watching his footsteps into the future from simbeyond. With his new found confidence Forrest forged ahead with the needs of the day, first breakfast, then writing the letter for his boss. That wasn’t so easy, Forrest was sworn to secrecy over why he was leaving so he had to think up a likely reason why he wanted to give up his regular work. He decided to write that he had had a job offer from the bar in Oasis Springs and that the travelling time to work would be just a little too much from him. With that done, he called the second hand store and asked for an appraisal of his belongings. He didn’t expect it would offer up much, but it should be enough for a small lot at least. With those important things finished, the rest of the week went by fast. He worked his notice at the museum, taking extra pride in his work for the last week. The tram ticket arrived and he tucked it under his pillow as a sort of good luck charm, hoping to ward off dreaming of that weird plant again. On Friday, he received the quote from the second hand store, it was a little less than he had hoped, but more than he had expected, it was enough. He called them to accept and arranged for his things to be taken away on Saturday afternoon. He would spend Saturday night sleeping on the floor, and Sunday he would take the tram and arrive in Newcrest. It was time to begin.

Saturday arrived and as the last box of books disappeared out the door he took a long look around his empty house, he had never really thought of it as home, but still it seemed so empty and strange. He’d arranged to hand his key to the landlord on Sunday morning before catching the tram. He spent a restless night on the wooden floor, tossing and turning, even the tram ticket didn’t help as he’d hoped and there in his subconscious as a nagging thought was that strange plant again, it was so big and threatening, but there was something that seemed important about it. He woke up early, just as the sunlight began streaming through the window of his empty bedroom, he checked the time on his phone and saw it was just 6am. He was too full of nerves and excitement to eat breakfast. So he took a shower and got dressed, deciding to take one last walk around Willow Creek and say goodbye to the graves of his parents.

Strangely he didn’t feel sad as he ran his fingers over the cold stones, a warm breeze caressed his neck, reminding him of his mother tickling him there when he was a boy. He read once more the dedications on the graves and could almost feel the weight of his fathers hand on his shoulder, remembering the last words he’d spoken to him. “Never be afraid of adventure, Son”. He was at peace with the thought of leaving them and knowing that their memories would live on in the adventure he was embarking on. He stayed by the graves and contemplated a while until he was finally disturbed by the hooting of car horns and the wailing of a siren, making him aware that the town was waking up. His next footsteps took him to the house of his Landlord, Mortimer Goth, and he handed over the key. Mortimer was looking stressed as usual and didn’t ask questions, much to Forrest’s relief. Forrest wasn’t too surprised, when you were married to such a socialite as Bella, there was always something to be stressed about. Finally he made the walk home to pick up his ticket to freedom.


Forrest took one last lingering look at his rental house, you couldn’t say there were memories to leave behind, he’d been alone here, only the TV to keep him company and that didn’t answer back when he yelled in frustration at it. The mailbox was empty, the weeds in the garden wilting a little in the morning sun, there was nothing special he was leaving behind. He shook himself knowing the next steps he took would bring him closer to that future he now so wanted. Heading for the second time today towards the Goth Mansion where the only tram stop in town was he took in the sights around him trying to imprint it on his memory.


Forrest sat on a bench and watched the world pass him by, there was no one to see him off, Vivian hadn’t wanted to jeopardise the Cause by being seen in public with him. He daydreamed a while, already plotting on how to survive once his destination was reached. He had some ideas, fishing often gave up valuable fish to sell and he’d heard rumours that you could breed frogs and sell them for a small amount, then there was always the lode stones, if you had a bit of luck, they could offer up gems and metals that sold for a pretty simoleon or 10. Just as he was deciding that he’d survive he heard the ringing of the tram bell and he knew it was time to go.

*author’s note: All screenshots for this story so far have been in a different save game to the one that will be used for the challenge.

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Almost there….

Forrest paced the room nervously waiting for a knock on the door, he still wondered if he was really doing the right thing, but honestly, his life in Willow Creek was going nowhere and Willow Creek itself was heading in the same direction, what did he have to lose. As the knock came, he had more or less talked himself fully into the decision.


Forrest walked to the door, his heart pounding with the anticipation, he peered through the glass before opening the door and greeting the lady that stood there. Now he recognised her of course, she was the Matriarch of one of the most influential families in the neighbourhood, not the Goths, but only a step below.. Vivian Lewis. She had a beautiful daughter-in-law that was often painting at the Museum while he worked and a little granddaughter. It made perfect sense that this women was willing to sponsor the beginning of a whole new town, to create a safe place where her granddaughter could move to in the future. Now he doubly hoped to be accepted as the one to begin this undertaking.

Forrest opened the door and invited Vivian in, addressing her of course in his most respectful tone as Mrs. Lewis. He gestured to his dining table and hoped the peeling paint and scratched table wouldn’t injure his attempt at the interview.


He needed have worried, Vivian quickly put him at ease by cracking a joke, not that “how many handcuffs you can fit in your back pocket – as many as you like if you are a sim” was particularly funny, it did however break the ice and considering the atmosphere in Willow Creek these days it was at least topical. Hilarity over, she quickly got down to business, asking him first what he would build as the first community lot in Newcrest. Luckily he had the answer already.

While Forrest’s father had the spirit of adventure, his mother was more a free wheeling hippy, hence the name that had dogged him since grade school. He’d inherited his love of outdoors from her of course. When Forrest was young, his mother had the most wonderful garden with all sort of exotic plants, he could still remember the scents drifting into his bedroom on the night air as he lay in bed reading as a young boy. Sadly his mother had died young, but she’d had a dream, she had wanted to build a garden in  Willow Creek that would unite people. He had decided that the best way to honour his mother would be to carry out her dream, only in the new town, it would be his memorial to her and lessen the pain of not being able to visit her grave in Willow Crest any more. The only fly in this ointment was that Forrest had never been so interested in how his mother grew the plants when he was young but he wasn’t scared of the hard work required to learn, it had to be more interesting than making sure there was no dust in the cracks of a wooden floor.

As he outlined his plans to Vivian, he became more and more animated, his arms waving with enthusiasm as he explained his mothers dream and how he wanted to carry it out for her, talking excitedly about gathering seeds and nurturing not only the plants but hope for the future. Vivian was apparently reasonably impressed, but not enough to avoid suddenly stopping him in his tracks and remind him of the disadvantages. Living alone in a new town, no travelling except to two particular places that were deemed safe. This, she explained was because she knew his life would be in danger as the spearhead of the Cause, at risk of kidnap for ransom, or even just death to sabotage the project. He would have to take a wife and have at least one child who would have their own task to complete. Forrest nodded and told her he had considered this already, the travelling wasn’t important to him, he was a cheerful sim who didn’t mind spending time outdoors and alone but later the thought of a wife and child were a wonderful idea, he wanted to share his life with someone and to raise a child would be a great experience. The last, but not least, the lack of money, Vivian couldn’t fund the whole project herself, she had at least managed to procure the rights to the town, but Forrest would have to provide capital to purchase his lot and there was no bursary available, so beyond moving to Newcrest, he would have to survive alone on the money he could make for himself.


Forrest gestured to the room they were in and said he was already used to living with next to nothing and surviving on his museum wage packet was already a challenge. Vivian just nodded and made a few notes before putting her notepad back in her hand bag. She folded her arms across her chest and looked at him for a minute. Forrest felt the nerves rising again under her stern gaze, but she broke the silence at last and told him that so far everything he had told her sounded good and she would call him as soon as she’d made a final decision.

To be continued…

*author’s note: All screenshots for this story so far have been in a different save game to the one that will be used for the challenge.

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From here to…. Newcrest!


Forrest sat home … alone… watching TV, the news was on and as usual it was full of depressing stories, the crime rate was rising, Willow Creek was under the influence of some high-flying crime baron, but what was worse, it seemed that the sphere of influence had spread to Oasis Springs. Forrest had enough, while he stared in annoyance at the screen, the interviews with the crime fighting force and the desecration of his home town he just sighed, there had to be something better than this…

He was just about to set the TV out when an advert caught his attention, at first it sounded like one of those stupid investment bank adverts, you know the ones that start out with “want a better life for yourself and your family” and ends with, invest all your money with us… so irritating when you don’t HAVE money, well, at least the amounts they want you to invest to begin. Forrest wasn’t exactly poor, but living alone in rented accommodation and being on the lookout for a better job than sweeping the floor of the local museum everyday, he found those adverts annoying. This one however ended a little differently and piqued his curiosity. Something about looking for a volunteer to begin a new community, he hadn’t quite caught all the details, but he managed to catch a little of the website address to write down. Forrest had no computer at home, but he knew that the Willow Creek Library had just managed to replace the ones that had been stolen in the last library break-in. Next stop, Willow Creek Archive.


Forrest managed to find himself a computer that wasn’t being used and settled into the chair. His typing skills weren’t up to much but it wasn’t long before he had typed the snippet of the web address into smoogle and found what he was looking for. He read eagerly becoming more and more interested in the proposition that was being put forward for the brave soul that would undertake this task. There were a few things to consider, such as the fact he would have to live alone on an empty plot while he engaged in his goal. He was allowed to keep one thing of sentimental value but in order to fund the purchase of the lot he would have to sell everything else he owned and donate the proceeds to the cause, the CAUSE being “Build Newcrest”. Even the name of the new town gave him a little shiver of excitement. Feeling like he was on the crest of a wave, at least of confused emotion, he decided to take a walk in the fresh air, but not before writing down the telephone number applicants were asked to call.


He found a bench and sat to consider all he had read, everything sounded just about perfect apart from that one not so little thing. According to the rules he would never again be able to travel back to Willow Creek or visit Oasis Springs, that was difficult, he’d lived all his life in Willow Creek and in the last few years had buried both his parents there. Not being able to visit their graves again bothered him but he had something of his father’s that he could think of as a memorial, a rusty old suit of armor that was brought back from one of his father’s odd missions. For some reason, his father had been asked to take it into his custody and never let it go, Forrest had taken over responsibility for this thing when his father had died. Forrest’s father had always been an adventurous type and Forrest knew that he would have encouraged his son to jump with both hands and feet at this opportunity. With the decision made to at least make the call, Forrest walked home, his head spinning with questions.


Forrest made it home and after a few deep breaths to calm his nerves, he picked up his phone and dialled the number. The voice on the end of the line sounded quite dignified, he thought he recognised it from somewhere but couldn’t quite place it. He explained that he was calling about the Newcrest Cause and that he wanted to be considered as an applicant. The lady on the other end of the phone asked for his name and address and told him that she had only had one other caller so far, hence the expense of the TV advert, she was pretty desperate to get the project of the ground. She would come to interview as soon as he had time to meet with her. Forrest told her that he was available right now and she could interview him in her house. He put his phone back in his pocket and bit on his lip as he questioned himself again over the craziness of the idea but he knew there was no backing out now… at least if he was accepted.

To be continued…

*author’s note: All screenshots for this story so far have been in a different save game to the one that will be used for the challenge.



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Hi and welcome, I’m starting this blog to write about my sims and their adventures. This post is a preview of what I hope to acheive and what will direct my stories.

When I play sims, I like to play legacy style, however, I get bored and around gen 5 I tend to just give up and feel like I’m doing the same old thing with my sims everyday. This is an attempt to end that habit and finally acheive a 10 generation goal. To make it harder, and maybe more interesting for myself and hopefully for the readers I want to combine some elements of other interesting challenges I’ve read about while browsing around sim sites.

First and foremost, Pinstars Legacy Challenge which has dominated my playstyle since Sims 2 was a nooboo. I then discovered the BuildNewcrest challenge on Simply Vanilla Sims Blog, I had a tried a build Sunset Valley challenge at some point, so this seemed interesting and fits nicely with the legacy style play. Thirdly, I just read about the Rosebud challenge that will also combine, maybe Not so nicely, but it will put a rein on my getting bored because my sims have a huge mansion in Gen 2 and they don’t need anything new apart from the next generation.. This one means saving money, only building to give them the essentials needed for each generation and not having so many kids I feel like the old woman in the shoe.

My plans for using the challenges together

Overall, play according to Pinstar’s Rules however, my start up will be a little different, using the a combination of the Rosebud Rules and Build Newcrest rules.

My founder will be moving to an empty lot in Newcrest that he deems a suitable location for Newcrest’s new community park, he will then be forced into buying the suit of armor and an outdoor trashcan, following this he will be ruthlessly pickpocketed by the almighty creator and all his remining funds will disappear into the sim ether and he will have to fend forage for himself.

To make matters worse, he will not be permitted to find paid employment until he has $500 in his back pocket again, to pay the employment agencies fees. His choice of work is also restricted by the BN rules to  a choice of 3 careers

  • Criminal (Oracle branch)
  • Culinary (Chef branch)
  • Painter (Patron of the Arts)

He’ll be a lonley young (adult) soul too until he can at least provide and enclosed room (preferably) with a door for his spouse to live in with him, of course, he will also have to own the general nicities of life.. those (not so) little essentials.. a bathroom with at least a toilet and shower and a fridge.

My own deviations to suit my own challenge.

From Build Newcrest – once the founder has completed his first aspiration AND has enough funds the garden will be built.The family is the towns benevelolent benefactor so all houses and community lots that should be built MUST be built using household funds, therefore making the Rosebud challenge far harder to achieve (and curb my sim spending (spoiling)

From Pinstars Legacy – Each generation that has a community building goal will have to move to a new lot so their career rewards can remain on the lot.

Spouses may not work, unless their Aspiration is a job based one.

  • Public Enemy Aspiration
  • Master Chef Aspiration
  • Master Mixologist Aspiration
  • Computer Whiz Aspiration
  • Renaissance Sim Aspiration
  • Joke Star Aspiration

To read the story in the right order, use the link above to Forrest’s Legacy for a chapter index.

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